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SOAC Outdoor activities Club - July Program

Hiking Event: Holy valley of Qannoubine (In the region of Bcharreh & Ehden)
Date: Saturday 16/07/2016
Subscription: 35000 / Pers. 

-Pullman Transportation (Full Road Trip)
-SOAC Guides during the Trip
-Healthy Snack Mixed Package from SOAC (Quick-burn energy food, Fruits, Dried Fruits, Nuts…)
-First Aid Kit
-Chance to Win 1 Hiking Stick


120 Km from Beirut, at an altitude of > 1000 m in the North of Lebanon, is the holy valley of “Qannoubine”, classified as world heritage because of its convents and caves made by monks who used to live there in ancient times .
The event location will be in Wadi Qannoubine, the Holy Valley known as Wede El Eddissin.
The event will begin with a 2 hour hike in one of the deepest and most beautiful valleys in Lebanon, known as Wadi Qannoubine and located in the northern part of Lebanon. The valley is scattered with caves, chapels, hermitages and monasteries cut from rock. You will start your trail from the top of Haouqa village and going down the valley, where you will be visiting one of the monks on your way to St. Marina convent.
The trail is divided into two parts:
A steep descent taking us from the village of Blawza down to Saydet Hawka. Although the descent is steep, but it is prepared in a stairs form to allow all ages and capabilities to get down to the valley. After we reach Saydet Hawka, we will head in an almost straight path to reach Saydet Marina and Saydet Qannoubine before heading down to Abu Joseph restaurant 
We will have a lunch break on our way than continue our walk to Qadisha river and  to Mar Lesha'a electricity station walking.
•Part I: Easy Level (≈ 5 KMs. 2 hours)
•Part II: Easy to Moderate Level (≈ 3 KMs. 1 hour 20 min)

Clothing: Comfortable Shirt / Pants, Warm jacket, Hat / cap, HIKING BOOTS (Preferable)
Water: At least 2 liters/person
Other Gear: Backpack, Personal first aid kit, Camera, sunglasses, sunscreen.
Deadline to Submit the Number of participants 13/07/2016

Call 03923170 Boulos B. Sakr
Have a safe and wonderful Trip with SOAC

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