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- >For tour packages inside Lebanon< offers all Lebanese and tourists interested in ecotourism (hiking trip), festivals and tours in Lebanon (tour packages) to follow this section. For companies or people involved in this sector please email us at and send us a brief description of your work. It will be a pleasure for our staff to contact you back in order to establish an account for you and give you the possibility to highlight your activities.

O Club organizes a Rally paper for September 23rd
(Plz find as well August 2012 Program)

O Club organizes a repetitive Rally Paper by bikes aiming to promote & preserve the natural environment. Their target is to carry this idea all over Lebanon and their goal is to raise environmental awareness. They vary their themes every year to attract more Lebanese toward environmental activities within different Lebanese cities and villages. In doing so, they cooperate with official institutions, NGOs, businesses and other private sectors. In addition, they also highlight the advantages and positive effects of rally papers by bikes over our physical health and the natural world around us.

They have previously organized a “Rally Paper By Bikes” event, with the Municipality of Jdeideh and the cooperation of many prestigious sponsors. They are now organizing a consecutive "Rally Paper by Bikes" event in Beirut on September 23, 2012 under the theme “Be the Solution to Water Pollution”. This event will be launched from Ain el Mraisseh, reaching Ramlet el Bayda, Unesco, and Gemayze. Through these different areas, they will be encouraging environmental awareness and focus on water pollution and highlight the importance of clean water for a healthier lifestyle. 

Rally description:

The Rally will be divided into stations. The participants, also divided into teams, will search for these stations relying on a specific map. The stations will have different roles. 70% of the stations will focus on the theme directly; water pollution which will be organized with the collaboration and support of OBBA (Operation Big Blue Association). The other 30% of the stations are distributed as competitive sports games, general knowledge, missions to accomplish, and other fun activities revolving around the Rally theme and other outdoor topics.

What an eco-friendly Rally may add for you?
- It will make environmentalism a part of your system.
- It will contribute positively to physical and mental well being of individuals. Also, it will develop social capital. 
- It will enhance social inclusion and cohesion between Lebanese. 
- It will promote a sense of community and a sense of place. It will also strengthen social ties.

“Be the Solution to Water pollution” Rally paper by Bike is a big event, yet it needs corresponding budgeting for implementation and hence the necessity for sponsors to make this event a success.
Media is also needed for this event which will play an essential role in attracting people to participate in the promised day.

All those interested to be part of this event, please contact O Club s.a.r.l for enquiring all the needed information from them.
Tel: +961 1 870344 – Mobile: +961 3 854038

Program of August 2012
1- August 5th Rafting in Assi:

What about a wonderful break between hurried days?? What about an outdoor team activity with a high adrenaline?? August 5th, is O Club rafting activity big time.

This odd day will include as program:

- 6h30: Meeting point Jdeideh round about

- 7h00 sharp: Departure Assi (we need to be on time, we have a long way to get the Assi region). On our way we will get a pit stop to take your breakfast.

- 10h30: expected Arrival

- 10h45: explanation and changing clothes to get into the river

- 12h45: you will benefit from 2 hours of rafting where you will over pass 5 waterfalls and do around 7 km of rafting

- 1h00: taking showers

- 1h30: Lunch – Traditional Lebanese Meza with mixed grill and grilled Fish with Soft drinks.

- 3h00: Move to visit St Maron monastery, an amazing place Near Ain El Zarka

- 4h30: Departure to Beirut

- 7h30: expected to reach Jdeideh Round about (it depends on traffic)
What to wear and to bring?

Bring clothes suitable for water (short or swimming suit), additional shoes and t.shirt , towel, Heavy jacket (the weather may be cold) and stuff you may use after shower.

How to book a place and to register?

Register yourself and your friends on website / Rafting with O Club by settling a 50 USD, in any Bank of Beirut branches on O club account number 453973, non refundable in case of your cancellation. YOUR DEADLINE FOR BOOKING IS FRIDAY 3rd OF August.

This day will include: Bus, Lunch, Rafting equipments, showers, Guides and monitors; Insurance (O club is insured for all activities with Victoire Insurance)

If you need additional info please don’t hesitate to call O Club on:

961 1 870344  or

2- Caving in Roueiss august 12th

For 30$ including transportation, breakfast, equipments, insurance, monitors

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