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About Blom Beirut Marathon November 27, 2011
Blom Beirut Marathon 2011, a bronze label event organized by the Beirut Marathon Association, is one of the highlights of the National and Regional sports calendar for 2011 and the most anticipated running event in Lebanon!! 
The event will feature one start point for all races and an amazing finish area for the Full Marathon ( 42.195KM) runners and all participants
The 1 Km run with mom offers babies aged 0-6 years a chance to have a memorable event with their mothers ( Strollers are allowed), while the 42K Relay Race promises to foster both teamwork and strategic planning among a team of six runners completing the Full Marathon in a relay format. This category also presents a great opportunity for family members and friends to bond through an entertaining cooperative run. 
A new category, the 10,000 m race, will be making its debut at BBM2011 event to further cater to runners who have been training to run the 10Km ( all you need to do is check the expected time to finish your 10K on the registration form). 

BBM2011’s “Take it to the street” is dedicated for charity awareness, inviting all participants to run for a cause and by choosing one of the participating charities ( check, a part of the registration fee will go to the chosen charity. Pledges and fundraising opportunities are also opportunities one can explore through the registration process.

About Beirut Marathon Association

The Beirut Marathon association was founded in 2003, it organizes road races all over Lebanon, and acts as a consultants for road races in the middle East. BMA’s mission
The BEIRUT MARATHON Association’s mission is to passionately organize running events that inspire unity, positively change lifestyles, promote wellness, and provide an experience of challenge, achievement, joy, and glory; for the benefit of Lebanon, both now and for generations to come.

The Gatorade BMA Training Program

Race day is coming; it’s time to register and begin training. The Beirut Marathon Association’s training program will help you get to YOUR finish line. If it’s your first time to run, we’ll help you figure out a strategy to get you there, and if you are a seasoned runner, we will help you improve. Running is all about you achieving your best, enjoying your moment of glory as you cross the finish line.With free training program taking place all over Lebanon, lead by 25 certified coaches who are volunteering their time to help building the running culture, anyone can join, take part in the training and explore his own potential. Training program details and schedule are online (, for more info you can contact Mariam Haidar, Program coordinator on 05 959262 ext 20 or 03 231970.


On November 27th 30,000 participants will be taking their causes, team spirit, beloved ones, motivation and excitement to the streets of Blom Beirut Marathon 2011.
It’s time to register!!! So fill in your registration forms and guarantee your place.
Our wonderful event is now in its 9th edition, sometimes it is hard to believe that we have been doing this for nine years; it feels like it was only yesterday that the first Beirut International Marathon took place with 6,000 runners, friends and supporters.  Through the years we, as Beirut Marathon Association, have grown with this race, we have weathered so many difficulties and through them all we moved ahead, undaunted in our resolve to show everyone the true power of Sport.  Sports can discipline, they can teach, they can unite, and they can elevate the human spirit.
With international recognition ( Blom Beirut Marathon is now a bronze label road race per IAAF rules) comes bigger sense of responsibility towards improving our performance technically and logistically
For the BLOM Beirut Marathon 2011, we are taking our passion for running to the street to show the world the sports face of Lebanon.  
We promise you a great inspirational race,  Let's all fill the streets of our great city and RUN for a cause, for a great today and a greater tomorrow.

Yours in Sport,
May El Khalil

BBM 2011 Races
Below are details pertaining to the different races happening on November 27

BEIRUT MARATHON 2011: 42.195 K
Eligibility: 17+ years Starting Time: 07:00
Finish Line: Martyr Square
Start Line: Wafic Sinno Street
Fees:60,000 LBP Lebanese

Eligibility: 17+ years Starting Time: 07:00
Finish Line: Martyr Square
Start Line: Wafic Sinno Street
Fees:450,000 LBP Lebanese for 6

BEIRUT MARATHON 2011: 10,000 M race
Eligibility: 15+ years Starting Time: 09:00
Finish Line: Martyr Square
Start Line: Wafic Sinno Street
Fees:35,000 LBP Lebanese

Eligibility: all ages Starting Time: 09:00
Finish Line: Martyr Square
Start Line: Wafic Sinno Street
Fees: 35,000 LBP Lebanese

BEIRUT MARATHON 2011: 5K Youth Race
Eligibility: 7-17 years Starting Time: 07:50
Finish Line: Martyr Square
Start Line: Wafic Sinno Street
Fees:15,000 LBP Lebanese

BEIRUT MARATHON 2011: 1K run with Mom
Eligibility: 0-6 years Starting Time: 08:40
Finish Line: Martyr Square
Start Line: Wafic Sinno Street
Fees:20,000 LBP Lebanese

BEIRUT MARATHON 2011: 10K  Wheelchair
Eligibility: All ages Starting Time: 08:50
Finish Line: Martyr Square
Start Line: Wafic Sinno Street

BBM2011 Registration

Fill out the excel sheet enclosed to this letter, make sure to send it to any of the following registration point before November 6. The earlier you register the better as we’re closing at 30.000 registrants this year
Registration points are as follow:
Beirut marathon Association offices
Blom Bank - All branches
Mike Sport - All branches
City Mall
ABC Ashrafieh
Virgin Ticketing BoxOffice
My Mix-ABC Ashrafieh

For any further queries you may have, do not hesitate contacting us on 05 959262, email us at, join our Beirut Marathon facebook page and check our website for regular updates

See you on November 27

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