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- >For tour packages inside Lebanon< offers all Lebanese and tourists interested in ecotourism (hiking trip), festivals and tours in Lebanon (tour packages) to follow this section. For companies or people involved in this sector please email us at and send us a brief description of your work. It will be a pleasure for our staff to contact you back in order to establish an account for you and give you the possibility to highlight your activities.

Adventures in Lebanon - October 2011 Program

Event 1: Rafting Adventure

date: Saturday 01 October 2011
location: Assi River
departure time: Saturday 01 October 2011 - 08:30 am
return time: Saturday 01 October 2011 - 08:00 pm
Price: 55$ per person is inclusive of transportation in a luxurious Pullman, Rafting Ride and Gears, Insurance, Open Lunch and Soft Drinks, and Site Seeing Visits. 

Join Adventures in Lebanon this Saturday 01 October to boost your adrenaline in a different Rafting Adventure which will include a rafting ride, open lunch, and a site seeing visit to Mar Maroun grotto and to Assi River source.

Call us now on 71-443323
Event 2: Hiking and picking in the Apple Season

date: Sunday 02 October 2011
location: Akoura
departure time: Sunday 02 October 2011 - 09:00 am
return time: Sunday 02 October 2011 - 07:00 pm
Price: 45$ inc. Transportation, Guides, Lunch, Insurance, and Apples to pick in your backpack;) 
Join ” Adventures in Lebanon" in a different hiking experience, where you will benefit not only from the splendid sceneries of Akoura but also from apple picking and tasting, and having organic traditional lunch in one of the Lebanese houses in Akoura. The duration of the hike in Akoura is 4 hours, where we will be divided into 2 groups depending on the hiking level desired. Akoura Hiking trip is Level 2-3 (moderate hike), level 4-5 (advanced) for those who wish to climb the 666 steps to Lady of Habes. 

Call us now on 71-443323

Event 3: Rock Climbing & Abseiling Adventure

date: Saturday 08 October 2011
location: Balou3 Balaa
departure time: Saturday 08 October 2011 - 09:00 am
return time: Saturday 08 October 2011 - 06:00 pm
Price: 40$ per person including transportation in a bus, rock climbing material, and instructors.

"Adventures in Lebanon" team is pleased to take you to Balou3 Balaa for a daring adventure of Rappel & Escalade and that on Saturday October 8th.

The event will take place in an incredible natural beauty of Balou3 Bal3a in Tannourine, located around 70 kilometers from Beirut that will make your journey an unforgettable quality experience.

Call us now on 71-443323

Event 4: Hiking in 3youn l Samak 

date: Sunday 09 October 2011
location: Doniyeh- North Lebanon 
departure time: Sunday 09 October 2011 - 09:00 am
return time: Sunday 09 October 2011 - 07:00 pm
Price: 30$ per person including transportation, Insurance and guides.
Dear Selective Hikers, on Sunday October 9th, get ready for a hike you have never experienced before! We will be going to 3youn l Samak and walk a track where no other group dared to bear foot before.

In 3youn l Samak you will understand why Lebanon has gathered all the beauty of the world in one country.
We will be hiking on the border of the breathtaking lake surrounded by mountains and splendid rich nature full of different blooming flowers, mixed trees of pine, oak, cactus, and many colorful trees, until we reach a plane green landscape where one may relax by the lake under the shade of the trees and enjoy the sound of the water.

Hiking trip is about 3 hours of medium level hike, during which we will be resting for some photo shooting in the marvelous wild nature.

We will have lunch of grills and mezze at one of the local Lebanese “ahwe” under the amazing water fall of the area. Make sure to bring a jacket with you as you will get cold from the spraying water of the water fall.

Call us now on 71-443323

Event 5: Caving Exploration Adventure

date: Saturday 15 October 2011
location: Akoura
departure time: Saturday 15 October 2011 - 09:00 am
return time: Saturday 15 October 2011 - 06:00 pm
Price: 35$ per person including transportation in a bus, professional instructors (certified speleologue) , insurance, and guides
If you haven't been caving yet or if you’re a professional, this is the right place and time to join.
“Adventures in Lebanon” in association with “ALES” (Association Libanaise d’Etudes Speleologiques), certified experts in the field of exploration, proudly invites you to its exceptional Caving Exploration, that will take you into a world much different from that above ground, to the famous Rweiss grotto, located in Akoura, 70 km away from Beirut.
Our professional team of instructors (certified speleologue) will guide you with the right caving techniques, and will provide you with the suitable safety equipment, to expand your caving skills.
All you need to do is show up wearing waterproof over suit, or OLD WARM CLOTHES, pullover (is A MUST),  thick socks and tracksuit trousers.  (NOT jeans as they drag when they get wet.) WATERPROOF JACKET & OVER TROUSERS- also you need to wear Boots: Well-fitting wellingtons with non-slip treads are best, otherwise boots without hooks for laces- We will provide you with a lamp and a helmet.
Bring your own snacks with you as we will have a picnic lunch!

Call us now on 71-443323

Event 6: Bisri- Jezzine Caza

date: Sunday 16 October 2011
location: Jezzine Caza
departure time: Sunday 16 October 2011 - 09:00 am
return time: Sunday 16 October 2011 - 07:00 pm
Price: 30$ per person including transportation, Insurance and guides
Dear Selective Hikers, join us on October 16th to hike in Bisri, a lovely quiet village with 100 houses known with its famous river, fed from the Jezzine waterfalls which go down to the seashore of Sidon.
Bisri is known with its beautiful natural environment and healthy climate filled with pine forests.

We will be hiking for 4 hours along the long river of Bisri, during which we will be visiting the St. Moses ancient church.

We will have lunch at one of the Lebanese restaurant in Jezzine overlooking the waterfall side known as al Shir, where you will enjoy a breathtaking view of the surrounding localities scattered in the midst of a fertile plain and protected by mountains.

Bisri Hiking trip is Level 2 (moderate hike)
Children are welcome to come, providing they can walk long distance.

Call us now on 71-443323

Event 7: 
Mountain Bike Adventure in Lebanon

date: Saturday 22 October 2011
location: Faqra to Qanat Bakish, Baskinta, Ffar Akab, Kfartei, B’atouta village
departure time: Saturday 22 October 2011 - 08:00 am
return time: Saturday 22 October 

Price per person is 40$ including: Bus Transportation, Mountain Bike Rental (VTT), Assistance of our representative during the excursion, Professional instructors and guides, Insurance

Adventures in Lebanon is proud to invite you to their Mountain Bike Adventure that will take place on Saturday October 22nd, led by one of Lebanon’s bike champions &  who has also participated in many mountain bike cycling all over all over Europe!

A 3h breathtaking mountain trail that will take you from Faqra to Qanat Bakish, Baskinta, Ffar Akab, Kfartei, until we reach B’atouta village, on an altitude of 1800m, for a relaxing lunch on the river side.

What to wear: it is advisable to wear a cyclist and long sleeves with a heavy jacket (preferable a technical thermal one), and tennis shoes- gloves are additionally but recommended to protect your hands.

Early reservation is highly recommended by confirming your attendance on the event and calling: 71- 44 33 23 to secure your booking.

Event 8: Beb Merih- Litani River

date: Sunday 23 October 2011
location: Litani River
departure time: Sunday 23 October 2011 - 09:00 am
return time: Sunday 23 October 2011 – 7:00 pm
Price is 45$ including: Transportation a shuttle bus, Guides, Saj lunch and soft drinks, Karke initiation on Arak, and boat trip in the Litani river

Hiking in the village of Beb Merih will offer you an experience on another level and the opportunity to discover new territory while being enchanted by the beautiful sceneries.
Beb Merih is one of the most beautiful undiscovered treasures in Lebanon, located in the West Bekaa- there we will begin with a medium level hike (4-5 level) all the way to the top, where you will have the pleasure of gazing at one of the most beautiful panorama of Qaraoun and a piece of art frame, the Litani River!
Once back, we will be welcomed by the village inhabitant to have a special Saj lunch and Karke initiation to Arak, especially catered for "Adventures in Lebanon" friends.
This is not all, and before we leave we will all engage on a boat trip to do a tour in the Litani river and learn more about its structure and design.
Kids above 7 years old are welcome to join their parents on this event.

Call us now on 71-443323
Event 9: Hiking in Bkassine Pine Forest

date: Sunday 30 October 2011
location: Bkassine- Jezzine Caza, South Lebanon
departure time: Sunday 30 October 2011 - 09:00 am
return time: Sunday 30 October 2011 - 07:00 pm
Price: 30$ per person including transportation in a bus, professional guides, excluding lunch.
 Adventures in Lebanon will be taking you on Sunday October 30th to hike in Bkassine, best known for its splendid pine forest.

Bkassine lies south of Jezzine and is one of South Lebanon's most charming villages.

Located at an average altitude of 950m, Bkassine is a peaceful village gifted by nature with a large and exquisite pine forest, covering an area of 1 million square meters, making it the largest pine forest in Lebanon.

Our hike duration will be of 4 hours of medium level (2 to 3) into the pine forest and passing through its traditional Lebanese town with red-tile roof houses and narrow streets.

We will conclude our journey with a Lebanese supreme lunch of mezze, barbecue, and arak in a typical Lebanese restaurant in the village.

Call us now on 71-443323

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