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Sayfiyeh Bi Chbaniyeh 14 – 17 July 2011
Sayfiyeh Bi Shbaniyeh presents many activities for the residents, tourist and visitors everyday from 6pm till 12 pm.


Since Beirut and other Lebanese cities have become the destination of choice for tourists’ summer visits, we thought of activities which will attract foreign visitors, and Lebanese people alike. Creating events which will surely nurture touristic growth in a variety of Lebanese villages and introduce people to Lebanon’s fascinating natural beauty, the Lebanese creative handicraft and the wide array of Lebanese products (Food, Artisan art and others…)
Location between Hammana and Bhamdoun, Chbanyieh stands 1200m above sea level, and is located in “LAMARTINE” Valley.  It offers tourists and visitors an idyllic destination for approximately 10 thousand m2 of beautiful green space.  It’s proximity to Beirut, around 25km and rare natural splendor have become a very special place for Lebanese visitors, tourists and the home owners from the Arab Gulf who own more than 500 houses in the neighborhood, in fact a few meters away from the festival location. 
Due to its location in the middle of the Higher Meten (Baabda), Chbaniyeh is also easily accessible and attractive to all tourists who come for their summer visits to nearby villages such as Hammana, Bhamdoun, Sofar, Falougha and Qournayel among others.

Sayfiyeh Bi Chbaniyeh Daily Program:

- Tourist Exhibition: sheds the light on the crafts, artisan art and food products in a 10 thousand square meters area, belonging to the municipality, for four days starting on the 14th of July till the 17th 2011.
- An area devoted to craftsmen from different villages of Higher Maten.
- On the spot interactive craft production to introduce visitors to a variety of Lebanese crafts.
- Beekeepers Association: their presence in the exhibition gives a special charm and clarify how to harvest natural honey
- Outdoor activities for children: games, kites, chess, pottery coloring, etc..
- Daily Variety entertainment program of magic tricks with Dr. Miki and performances creating an exciting and entertaining atmosphere for the whole family.
- The presence of a “Fortune Teller” giving an air of mystery and diversity.
- Relaxation areas to be found in different nature spots around the exhibition.

Sayfiyieh Bi Chbanyieh Special Guests:

- The grand opening is on Thursday, July 14, 2011 under the care of his Excellency the Minister of Works and Public Transport Mr. Ghazi Al Aridi, “Scene – Scene”: the event will start with “Scene-Scene” Play entertaining the spectators with its sarcastic humor for all the family to enjoy.
- Artist Mr. Bernard Rinno: Will draw his 115th painting for one hour and 30 minutes long in front of the audience on Second day July 15th.
- Chef Chadi Zaytoun: Under his supervision a live traditional cooking show will take place on the third day, July 16th for four hours.
- Khaldoon Hatoom: will present his soft voice and songs in the closure day with his band.

P.S. The kids areas will be open all day long and not confined with the exhibition's opening hours. there will be bikes to rent hourses to mount and many and many more enjoyable games

Stand Rental Price for 9m2: 500$

Sponsorship Offers:
Premium Sponsors: 5000$
Logo on the flayers and posters
Live announcement in the Festival
4 Banners on site
2 Stands

Regular Sponsors: 2000$
Logo on flayers and posters
2 Banners on site
1 stand

Participation: 1000$:
- Logo on the flayers.

For any questions and further details, Please contact Ms. Samar Aboul Hosn
70 1292121 – 01 752527 – 05 370000

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