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Hostels in Mount Lebanon
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  • Aannaya - Saint charbel Oasis, Tel: 961 9 760241
    (A quiet and nice hostel located close to the monastery of St Maron in Annaya. It is a ideal hostel for a spiritual and a quite stay for cultural tours. Serves only breakfast, for other meals there is a restaurant just in front of it. The rooms are clean and nice but without any luxury, they all have private bathrooms)
  • Achkout - Soeurs Franciscaines Convent, Kesrouan, Tel: 961 9 952824
    (2 rooms and 15 beds in each room, shared baths, heater, hot water, common kitchen and meals available. Price starts from $10)
  • Adonis - Foyer de la Charité, Kartaba main road, Tel: 961 9 420 493 / 03 275850 (Father Antoine Khadra)
    (A place to pray and meditate, 80 rooms, private WC and bath with hot water. Meals available. Price per night $50)
  • Afqa - La Reserve, Tel: 961 1 498775/6 / 03 727484
    (An eco-tourism resort in the mountains of Keserwan, offers all nature-lovers and adventure-seekers the opportunity to live thrilling moments, performing outdoors sports and activities, in a green and friendly environment. Tents are available for accommodation. Price per night $12)
  • Aley - AFDC Youth Hostel, Ramlieh, Tel: 961 5 280430
    (Ramlieh Youth Hostel is a unique center in the Middle East for the services provided for environmental groups as well as for social groups, business groups. 22 rooms with 44 beds. Many facilities in the center are available)
  • Aley - Aley EquiClub, Tel: 961 5 558112 / 03 818112
    (Inside a modern 3864 m2 riding area and horse motel, enjoy many activities: Tyrolienne, via fer, escalade, rappel, ropes cross, paintball, ATV, archery, a restaurant for 400 person and a large camp tents up to 100 camper. Available as well showers and cabins)
  • Al Akoura - Al Rabih Hostel, Taht el Kalaa, Tel: 961 9 406625 / 03 249051
    (Located on the border of Nahr El Rweiss, a charming place between trees and water. 7 rooms available with private baths and W.C. with hot water. Owner: George El Hachem. Price $45 with breakfast)
  • Al Khalle - Share wood Camp, Ain El Sefsaf - Banabil Road, Tel: 961 3 294298 / 4 870592
    (Summer resort, 20 tents available, shared bathrooms, hot water, internet access, farm yard, restaurant, rappelling, caving, biking... If you don't feel like cooking, you can always eat at the restaurant. Prices starting $15)
  • Aley - Aley Palace Hotel, Pineapple St., Saray Hall, Tel: 961 5 551621
    (A 19-room hotel with suites and room suitable for large families)
  • Amchit - Camping Les Colombes, Tel: 961 9 622401/2
    (Beautiful location in Amchit, 25 rooms, chalets, studio and bungalows. Private and shared bath, hot water. Open all year round, price starting $10)
  • Amchit - Le Brisant, Port street, Tel: 961 9 623627/8 / 03 644453
    (38 rooms with sea view and a natural bay. Rooms have private bathroom, A/C and hot water. Rooms are furnished and accommodate to 4 or 5 persons. Fish and Lebanese Mezze restaurant (le Cap) - Italian restaurant (Le Mat). Price: 3000 USD for summer season (May to October). 1500 USD for winter season (October to April). Rooms available for day -100 USD)
  • Amchit - Santa Maria Residence, Tel: 961 9 620607 / 03 206250 / 03 511546
    (New and clean fully furnished apartment with living and dining room, kitchinette, bathroom, bedroom (2 beds), balcony, A/C, hot water and satellite TV)
  • Arsoun - Arsoun Village Forest Adventure Park, Matn Arsoun Main Rd, Tel: 961 71 226111 / 71 228111
    (Whether you are looking to a reprieve from your daily life to refresh your mind, body & spirit in a cozy tree house amidst pine trees, or looking to expand your outdoor recreation activities to bond with family & friends, or even planning to organize a themed private occasion, or a corporate event for your company, it is just the perfect place where you can picnic, camp, enjoy outdoor activities or just chill & indulge yourself in a great cuisine. Wooden eco tent of 4 poeple is 100 usd)
  • Baskinta - Sannine - Mar Sassine Convent, Tel: 961 4 288030
    (13 rooms are available for 26 persons. Provides meals upon request, shared bathrooms, heater and hot water. Price starting $20)
  • Beit Mery - Foyer Notre Dame Du Rosaire, Tel: 961 4 870646
    (At 600 m above sea level, 84 spaced rooms, well furnished and heated with a private bathroom and toilet in each room. Offering student residence. Price: from $150 to $205 per month. Single and double bedroom per night from $40 to $55 including breakfast)
  • Beiteddine - Auberge St Michel, Maaser Ech-Chouf. Tel: 961 5 350452
    (A neat guesthouse in the preserved region of Maaser Ech-Chouf with a panoramic view overlooking the forest. The palace provides a retreat for the honeymooners and getaway for leisure travelers)
  • Bhamdoun - Mojaes, Main Road, Tel: 961 5 262229 / 03 881728
    (This hotel has a rich past and is one of the most beautiful mountain hotels in the region)
  • Bhamdoun - Mondial, Main Road, Tel: 961 5 260157 / 261157
    (A mid-range older hotel with 50 regular rooms, 3 super deluxe suites and 1 junior suite)
  • Bhersaf Bikfaya - Mont Joli, Longue Vie, Tel: 961 4 985640
    (Mont Joli is at an attitude of 900m, at Bhersaf Village. Well known for its traditional houses with red tiled roofs and beautiful landscapes, cool summers. This village is famous for its annual flowers festival and agricultural fair. Mont Joli offers security and comfort to all visitors with culinary delights and lounge to relax. The total number of rooms: 33)

  • Bhordok Beit Chabeb - Mar Gerges Convent, Tel: 961 3 256 100
    (Located in the heart of a scenic pine forest where you can visit by hiking or biking Beit Chabab, Chaouyeh, Al Fraykeh. Clean 10 rooms with private bathes, heater and A/C. Price $30)
  • Blat - Jbeil - Red Way, Main road to the LAU, Tel: 961 3 342976
    (Modern new dorm for student and non student, 30 rooms with A/C, heater and private bathrooms. Parking available for each room. For price call Mr. Georges Ghnatios)
  • Blat - Jbeil - The Dorms, Tel: 961 9 944494 / 03 640657
    ("You are at Home at our Dorms". Offers a family atmosphere with charming rooms and environment. Students - LAU - will enjoy the convenience of the location and the range of services available in the residence. single room starting 260$ & double room starting 420$.)
  • Broumana - Beit Mery - Belvedere, Main road, Tel: 961 4 861192
    (Belvedere is a typical genuine 60s mountain hotel with average comfort rooms. It gets busy in summer)
  • Byblos - Byblos Furnished Apartments, near Byblos Comfort Hotel, Tel: 961 3 163 150
    (Distinguished by their modest, simple design and prime location, those apartments provide a relaxing, residential retreat for business people and travelers on short-term assignments and out-of town visitors that are looking for short term or even long term rentals)

  • Byblos - Couvent des rosaires Tel: 961 9 540 009
    (The lodging structure is a monastery that runs around 24 double rooms and rooms with 4 beds. Rooms are very clean but without any luxury)
  • Byblos - La Bonita Furnished Apartments Tel: 961 3 227 814
    (The furnished apartments and chalets offer large accommodation in quiet area in Jbeil Byblos: 55 private rooms and suites. It has all private bathrooms and small kitchenettes. The place has a water pool and private parking)

  • Byblos - Sands Hotel, Sea Road, Tel: 961 9 546 085
    (A mid-range hotel with 39 rooms. Provides junior suites and smaller rooms)
  • Bzebdine - Bzebdine Hidden Valley Ranch, 961 3 339370 / 466662 / 410605
    (Located in a pine forest in Metn, a great location for nature lovers to take in the outdoors. You can stay in a tent or in a wooden cabin. Electricity and hot water are available. You can engage in horseback riding sessions in the forest, hiking trails, biking, caving and rappelling. The restaurant serves homemade food)

  • Bzebdine - Nature Land, 961 3 784246, 71 016232, 01 902538
    (Offers a wide variety of social, cultural and environmental outdoor activities including hiking, caving, rappelling, tree climbing, flying fox and archery. You can stay in a tent that can fit different sized groups equipped with mattresses and all lighting necessities. A cooking facility is also available)

  • Damour - Auberge St Joseph - Arc En Ciel, Tel: 961 5 602642
    (Located in a village which is famous for its lovely beaches and its agricultural valley. Capacity for 70 persons, common WC, private shower, family rooms available, meals available)
  • Damour - Kingdom Suite Hotel, Mechref, London office: 442088035678 - 447919157040 (Mr Tony Chaaya), Hotel in Lebanon 9615603303 - 70525259 (Miss Elian Keyrouz)
    (Art deco style suites fully furnished for big families. 10 minutes from Beirut airport. Free access to swimming pool at Mechref resort. 2 minutes from Oceana and Janna resorts. Wifi internet, Gym, daily cleaning service. Rates: Up to 10 days: $400 for see view, $375 for mountain - Over 10 days: $345 for see view, $315 for mountain)
  • Deir El Qamar - La Bastide, Tel: 961 5 505848
    (21 rooms for a maximum of 36 persons, all with private bathrooms; meals provided on request; Prices between $65 to $80 per room with breakfast)
  • Dhour el Choueir - Hotel Bois de Boulogne, Bologna Main Road, Tel: 961 4 295100
    (An imposing yet charming hotel, recalling the good old days of the 60's)
  • Dlebta - Foyer Trappist Deir el Mokhaless, Tel: 961 9 925264
    (12 rooms well furnished with private bathrooms, no A/C available. $25 per person including three delicious home cooked meals per day)
  • Ehmej - Arz Ehmej, Tel: 961 9 504025 / 70 227730
    (Beautiful Auberge in a forest for hikers with a big park for anniversary and for kids to play. The place can welcome 25 persons on private room, w/c and hot water as well big dorm for groups. Restaurant is available. Caravans are also available to rent. 30 usd with breakfast by person)
  • Faitroun - Joolmood, Tel 961 3 604864 / 76 699061
    (Escape from the crowd, the rush of life, the negativity, to a serene place in Feytroun. Meet friendly people, clear your mind, connect with nature, read, meditate, listen to music, watch the sunset and the sunrise, hike, climb.
    Kitchen and bath with hot water available. Starting price 10 $)
  • Falougha - Soha Village, Tel: 961 3 345008 / 3 136298
    (25 mns away from Beirut, containing 8 chalet rentals, a full scale restaurant, Gazebos, Eco Lodges and many other attractions in the works. Starting price $50)
  • Faraya - Auberge Suisse, Tel: 961 9 953 841 / 341028
    (A comfortable mid-range hotel with a restaurant and a bar)
  • Faraya Kfardebian - Auberge Beity, Tel: 961 3 214871
    (Warm familial ambiance, 12 dormitory bedrooms, 6 apartments, central heating, computer games and play station, TV and DVD rooms for karaoke and many other attraction)
  • Faraya Kfardebian - San Antonio, Tel: 961 9 341048
    (A traditional mountain lodge at a walking distance from Faraya's famous ski slopes)
  • Faraya Kfardebian - San Giorgio, Tel: 961 9 321321
    (The hotel boasts comfy rooms and is a solid choice in the upper mid-range category)
  • Fatka - Notre Dame du Mont, Maison d’accueil, Kesserwan, Tel: 961 9 740350
    (Four habitable floors: Amphitheater for 350 persons, 107 bedrooms and 11 suites, big dining room. Prices from $35 to $50)
  • Gharzouz - Communauté des Beatitudes, Tel: 961 9 790820/1
    (The house offers accommodation in: Private rooms, small private houses and dormitories, shared bathrooms, hot water and meals. Starting $10)
  • Ghazir - Beit Wadih, Main road, St Elie Str., Tel: 961 3 352889 / 76 377155
    (A traditional Lebanese guesthouse owned and operated by a family, provides a private stay in a villa with the comfort of a boutique hotel. Private bathroom, heating, A/C, Wi-Fi, TV and more... Starting 95 USD)
  • Ghazir - Don Castillo, Sea road, Tel: 961 3 121515 / 71 121515
    (Located in the beach with swimming pool, the place welcomes you to an exciting experience for special occasions and weddings. 10 rooms with balcony, rooms available with private bathrooms and kitchen, hot water, A/C)
  • Ghosta - Youth Hostel, Tel: 961 9 915401 / 9 264401
    (Among many nature attraction and hiking activities find this charming hotel with 36 beds)
  • Hammana - Ruwayha Eco Village, Tel: Phones deleted
    (Very exclusive, calm & protected furnished four apartments. Free membership to outdoor swimming pool. Monthly rent: each large apart. (Five persons) -4800- USD & each medium apart. (Three persons) -3500- USD. Fit for any entertainment, festival & wedding. Available large amphitheater, restaurant & swimming pool)
  • Hammana - The Good Shephard Convent - Hammana main road - 961 71 004399
    (10 rooms ranged from 1 bed to 6 beds a room, baths, heater, hot water, common kitchen, living room, terrace. Price 45,000L.L. per person, per night including breakfast)
  • Harissa - Beit Anya, Tel: 961 9 260060
    (Located on a pine hill overlooking the port of Jounieh, one of the most fascinating scenes in Lebanon, very near the Virgin Mary of Harissa)

  • Jezzine - Pinea Campus, Haitoura, Tel: 961 70 776612
    (Green camps surrounded by a pines forest where campers can enjoy outdoor activities: hiking, ATVs, Tiro, Mountain Biking and Hiking. Accomodate 50+ campers with quality weather proof tents, camping mattresses, covers & pillows, bathrooms & showers. Tents come in multiple sizes and can accomodate 2 to 4 people. Price starting $50 including bed & breakfast)

  • Jounieh - Foyer de l'étudiant, Center St. Jean, Tel: 961 9 934975
    (Located in Jounieh across seaside resorts and nightclubs, as well as its old stone souk, 85 rooms available, Library for reading, internet access, sitting room, common kitchen, AC, hot water, laundry and 24/24 electricity. Prices from $25 to $65)
  • Jounieh - Leone Residence, Sahel Alma, Tel: 961 9 912800 / 03 850494
    (Furnished apartments for families only: 12 Studios and 28 comfortable apartments with panoramic balcony, kitchinette and large bathroom)
  • Jounieh - Saint Joseph, facing Mar Youssef, Old road, Tel: 961 9 931189
    (12 budget rooms in this lovely venue managed with success by Maria Le Sage. Dating back to the 1950s, this family run business has maintained an authentic touch. The location enjoys a grandiose view from the community terrace. Price starting $40)

  • Laqlouq - Shangri-La, Ski resort and hotel restaurant, Tel: 961 3 256 853
    (The resort is a few meters from the ski slopes. It has a bamboo themed bar, a pool and fabulous authentic 50s and 60s furniture. The remoteness, quietude and spectacular scenery from its fantastic verandas are worth discovering. The hotel offers by appointment-only, guided jeep and trekking tours to hard to get to valleys, gorges and canyons that are spellbinding, hidden grottos, rivers, distinct faunae and gorgeous scenery recalling sometimes the far west and Death Valley; that are unbeknownst to many, even Lebanese from the region)
  • Lehfed - Lehfed Country Camping & Picnic, Tel: 961 9 621139 / 03 324202
    (A place to spend summer and holidays with magnificent weather and views. 30 tents available, shared bathrooms, hot water and meals are available. Starting price $10)

  • Maad - Jbeil, The Priest Home, 'Beit el Kahen', Tel: 961 9 750 370
    (Founded by late Mgr. Ignace Ziadeh in 1991. It is a sanctuary perfect for anyone seeking a place of solitude and serenity. Placed on the top of a hill, it has a panoramic view of the sea, the surrounding countryside, and the peaks of Mount Lebanon. The Priest Home is the perfect place to retreat, reflect, and rejuvenate one’s soul. Meditate in the beautiful quiet chapel, or in one of the many serene gardens around the property. At Priest Home there are 20 rooms with 1 to 4 beds. Each room is equipped with a private bath. Rates: Starting $20 per person, including 3 home cooked meals)
  • Mechref - Tamtam Pomme de Pin, Damour, Tel: 961 70 156 179
    (An elegant, colorful and spacious Guest House and hostess's table located in Mechref, 10 minutes from the airport. 4 rooms with A/C, heating and private bathroom. Different luxury of accommodation to choose from: Warda, Silene and Yasmeen. Lebanese breakfast is served and dinner upon request. Price from $150 to $200 including breakfast)

  • Monsif - Chalets St. Elie, Helwe, Tel: 961 76 334174 / 03 232278 / 09 790245
    (An affordable complex for chalets in Helwe main road. Find two waterpools near the building)
  • Nabay - Mediterranean Bible College Lodge, Metn Area, Tel: 961 4 806627
    (Inside a pine-tree forest in Nabay, offers full accommodation for 40 persons, halls for 300 persons, playground, conference rooms, internet access)
  • Niha - Chafic Merchad Guest House, Shouf, Tel 961 5 330755
    (Very quiet place and a family ambiance: 4 rooms for maximum 8 persons. Hot water and meals available but shared)
  • Qartaba - Hotel Rivoli, Spring road, Tel 961 9 405002 / 03 747282
    (Quiet place in nature, suitable for people who loves mountains, available 18 rooms with private WC and hotwater. Price 25 $ per room, meal not available in hotel)
  • Remhala - Remhala guest house, Jisr el Qadi, Tel 961 3 377098
    (Beautiful oriental guesthouse close to jisr el Qadi, ancient bridge in Mount Lebanon, Caza of Aley, 35 mn from Beirut, surrounded by pine trees in a quiet setting in the valley)
  • Reyfoun - Hotel Royal, Main road, Tel 961 3 423 769 / 09 957 769
    (Renovated hotel dated 1925. Offering 16 rooms and apartments for families, 24h reception, restaurant, salon de thé, piano bar, billiard, baby foot, beautiful terraces with panoramic views of mountains and sea. AC / Heater, private bathroom and room service. Internet Satellite TV, DVD. 15 km from Jounieh, 10 km from Faraya and Fakra. Starting $ 50 per person with breakfast)

  • Safra - Saframarine Cruiser, Sea road, Tel: 961 9 852758 / 3 922830
    (Residential and trading center with 3 types of furnished apartments: - Single floor 40 m2, 2 bedrooms, 1 small kitchen, 1 bathroom, 1 living room - Duplex apartments 95 m2 and - Triplex apartments 140 m2. Rental price:350 $ / 525 $ / 625 $ by month)
  • Sarba - Geagea Residence, New Kaslik, Tel: 961 9 916432 / 3 322447
    (80 residential apartments, studios and suites. All have A/C and Hot water as well private bathrooms and kitchenettes. The center has as well a restaurant and shops. Price starts $500 up to $1000 monthly. Providing as well daily usage $50)

  • Shouf - Aammiq, Saint Michel Convent, Tel: 961 5 340160
    (Dated back early 18th century and is used as a spiritual retreat. Dormitories are available. 12 rooms, shared bathrooms, hot water, heater and common kitchen. Price starting $15)
  • Shouf - Ainab, Maison de prière des Saints Coeur, Tel: 961 5 410746
    (Situated between 700 and 800 meters above sea level. The convent has a fabulous location away from pollution and hazards. A forest surrounds the area giving the convent a beautiful atmosphere. 24 rooms. Private and shared baths, heater and hot water, meals available. Price $15 to $25)
  • Shouf - Ain Zhalta, Houssam El Eid Guesthouse, Tel: 961 3 217299
    (Family style guesthouse, available for 4 persons, private WC, distance from Beirut: 42 km)
  • Shouf - Baadaran, Nazih Baz’s Guesthouse – (Lebanon Mountain Trail), Tel: 961 5 311191 / 03 702944
    (Distance from Beirut: 60 km - Capacity: 6 persons. Share WC. hot water and Kitchen. $35 per person with breakfast)

  • Shouf - Barouk, Akram Mahomoud’s Guesthouse, Tel: 961 3 829102 / 05 240882
    (Distance from Beirut: 46 km - Capacity 6 persons)

  • Shouf - Barouk, Tourist Rest, Tel: 961 3 630056 / 03 231768
    (Distance from Beirut: 48 km - Capacity: 12 persons)

  • Shouf - Barouk, Ziad Al Boustani Guest House, Tel: 961 5 240054 / 03 420495
    (A pleasant summer town and fascinating panoramic view with many sport activities: 12 dormitories are available, common kitchen, shared baths with hot water Prices starting from $25)
  • Shouf mountains - Dmit valley - Eco Village, Tel: 961 1 369488
    (Visitors can learn about the environment, organic agriculture and healthy living in this beautiful valley. Different accommodation $10 for tent with a bed, $20 for cottage per person. Many activities are available: hiking, pottery, painting, sprouting, juicing and swimming in the lagoons)
  • Shouf - El Khraibeh, Guesthouse, Main Square, Tel: 961 3 354558 (call Salim Ashkar)
    (Very beautiful old house in Barouk Mountain with a panoramic view of the region: 3 rooms for maximum 6 guests. Heater, hot water, shared bathroom, breakfast available)

  • Shouf - Maasser, Reserve’s Guesthouse (Shouf Biosphere Reserve), Tel: 961 5 350451 / 05 350452
    (Distance from Beirut: 57 km - Capacity: 14 persons)

  • Souk El Ghareb - Deir El Chir, Bmkyn, Tel: 961 3 048379 (call Father Elie) / 03 849982 (call Father Annis) / 05 271151/2
    (Peaceful corner of Souk el Ghareb inside a monastery, 20 rooms with private WC and bathrooms, 2 big dormitories. Heating in winter not available)
  • Zouk Mikael - Kesrouane, Oasis Saint Basile, Tel: 961 9 225176
    (Available only for girls, 26 rooms, private bathrooms, heater, hot water, common kitchen, meals available. Price starting $25. Open the whole year)
  • Zouk Mikael - Old Souk, Almond Blooms Guest House, Tel: 961 9 222901
    (Located in the charming old souk, newly decorated 10 rooms with A/C and heating. The guest house is surrounded by a beautiful almond garden. 5 min from Jounieh and 20 min from Harissa. Price starting $60)
  • Zouk Mosbeh - Adonis, Garden Master Bedroom Suites, Tel: 961 81 821581 / 9 225706
    (Fully furnished residence with private entrance. Rentals: Weekly, Monthly and Annually under the Expert Mr. Georges Boujaoude. Accepting Credit Card Payment online and giving best deals to all valued guests.)
  • For more information click on Lodging in Lebanon and Beaches
    - If your accommodation is not listed, or if you found any error in the information already provided, please contact us


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