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Hostels in North
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  • Akkar - Jabalna Ecolodge, Tel: 961 03 542935
    (An eco-friendly hostel, located in kobayat, north of lebanon in the middle of the natural pine forest. Bungalows, suites, and tents (for camping) are available. Starting price 50$ (for bungalows and suites)

  • Akkar - Qamamine Guesthouse, Tel: 961 3 817312
    (At an altitude of 800m, the lodge welcomes 20 persons, available hot water and typical Lebanese dishes. Prices starting $17 with one meal)

  • Akkar - Motel Assayad, Beino, Tel: 961 3 755697 / 70 146928
    (A serene motel with only eight bungalows. A neat, friendly nirvana, a place to discover tranquility of this part of Akkar with amazing views)

  • Batroun - Aqualand, near St. Stephano, Tel: 961 3 899612 (Ghassan Hanna)
    (Beautiful and clean 6 chalets with Hot-water, A/C, kitchenettes, private WC, moustiquaire)

  • Batroun - Auberge de la Mer, Mina, Tel: 961 6 740824 / 6 740825
    (A luxurious boutique hotel in the heart of Batroun's old souks, feet away from the port and the city's most attractive sights. Come for an unforgettable experience and enjoy the relaxation you deserve. 9 rooms and suites)

  • Batroun - Villa Paradiso, St Stephen Str. Old souk, Tel: 961 6 740927 / 81 240247
    (The guesthouse contains a lounge café and a kids-friendly indoor & outdoor venue for all kinds of cultural, artistic, corporate and social events. Lovingly renovated into six cozy rooms, all decorated with care. The rooms are located in the upper floor that is accessible by traditional old stairs. It includes a common breakfast area with an open kitchen and an open-air terrace. Fees: 125$, 150$ or 175$ per room per night.)

  • Batroun - Zalfa Guest House, Batroun, Tel: 961 70 722264
    (Zalfa Guest House is located in the city of Batroun. 7 mins walk to the beach and main touristic attractions. Each room is designed to suit your fine taste and give you a beautiful stay. Most furniture are carefully designed and handmade. Include: 3 rooms, 6 beds, A/C, WiFi, private bathroom - Starting 65$)

  • Cedars - Auberge Eco-Club, cedars, Tel: 961 3 832060
    (The slopes wrap around this friendly, tent-like hotel where summer camps teaching nature-awareness are held for kids)

  • Cedars - Chbat Hotel, Gibran Khalil Gibran street, Becharre, Tel: 961 6 872872
    (Pleasant mountain hotel with surrounding beautiful mountains)

  • Cedars - L'Auberge des Cèdres, Cedars, Tel: 961 6 678888
    (Chalets and rooms for rent in this comfy historic lodge)

  • Cedars - Mon Refuge, Cedars, Tel: 961 3 245842 / 961 3 734312
    (Auberge, restaurant and night club, adminstrated by the owner Joe Arida. You can book for single room, double room or chalets. Starting $40 for single room to $140 for a chalet)

  • Cedars - La Cabane Auberge, Becharreh, Tel: 961 6 678067 / 961 3 321575
    (Located walking distance from the slopes and between numbers of charming village of north of Lebanon. 12 cozy rooms, private bathrooms, heater, Prices $50 to $125 per person and night)

  • Cedars - Le Cedrus Hotel, Main Street, Tel 961 6 678777 / 075
    (Overlooking Kadisha Valley, 2 min. away from ski junctions, offers rooms and suites in a cozy atmosphere, it has a lobby, a piano bar and a chimney. Choose between various activities: ATV, touristic tours, internet facilities, billiard room and more.)

  • Douma - Camping Douma, Main Road, Tel: 961 3 697738
    (Lodging in the wild! Tents for rent accommodate up to eight people. Modest price and you'll find yourself in the Middle of an authentic forest with minimum amenities -toilets, bathroom and kitchen) but a maximum of good vibes)

  • Douma - Hotel Douma, Main road, Tel: 961 6 520202
    (Perched on a hill, the hotel is a comfortable venue with an eye-catching view on the mountains)

  • Other for Douma - Diwan el Beik 06-520 319 / 70-412 898 / Beit Jeddi 71 986 663 / Chadi Sammour 03 598 667 / Ishac Residence 71 283 485 / Beit Douma 06-520 702 / 70-082 225 / Douma Palace Hotel 06-520 020 / Mountain View Hotel 03-309 126

  • Douq - “Beit El Ouakf”: Tel: Father Elie Saadé 961 3 867386
    (Available 3 rooms and it welcome groups with sleeping bags. 5000 Lebanese pounds per person)

  • Ehden - Abchi Hotel, main road: Tel: 961 6 561101
    (A big hotel with Swimming pool and night-club, offering 42 rooms and 20 chalets fully equipped with private bathroom, A/C, WC, hot water, heater and internet connecton. Starting price 120 USD for a double room with breakfast)

  • Ehden - Beit el Ward, Al Midan: Tel: 961 6 561016
    (Enjoy a calm residence at the hotel, offering 5 duplexes and 2 apartments fully equipped with private bathroom, A/C, WC, hot water and heater. Starting price 125 USD for a double room with breakfast)

  • Ehden - Belmont Hotel, main road: Tel: 961 6 560102
    (An ideal luxury 5 stars hotels in Ehden with 41 rooms, offers all hotel's facilities. Starting price 80 USD)

  • Ehden - Ehden Hotel, main road: Tel: 961 6 560100
    (Offering 23 well equipped rooms with all facilities with cuisine service. The hotel has as well a swimming pool and a sport center)

  • Ehden - La Mairie Hotel, Rue Dawalib: Tel: 961 6 560108
    (A big place with 50 rooms accommodated with all facilities. The hotel is dated 1933 and renovated to 4 stars rating. It has a Night club. Starting price 120 USD for high season and 90 USD for low season)

  • Ehden - Reserve Horsh Ehden Nebeh Jouit: Tel: 961 3 751292 / 961 6 561092
    (Located in the beautiful forest of Ehden reserve, 13 available chalets well accommodate (wooden materials) with private bathroom and hot water. A restaurant is available in the project and serves Lebanese cuisine. Enjoy summer eco-activities: rappel, escalade, hiking, night hike, ATV, flying fox, and as well you can choose this lodge during winter season for ski in the Cedars ski resort.)

  • Hadath - Hadath El Jebbeh Auberge, Tel: 961 3 220756
    (Offers you the chance to discover the village through the renovated Auberge managed by Hadath el Jebbeh Association in cooperation with the municipality. Families, group of friends, individual travelers, group of tourists, will find what they are looking for in the charming Auberge. With is spacious common hall, the Auberge has a capacity of 16 beds - 8 double rooms with their toilets and kitchenettes. The guesthouse can accommodate 6 persons - 3 double rooms with common kitchen and toilet. Accommodation price - Bed & Breakfast: 40$/person)

  • Hardin - Hotel Hardini Inn, Tel: 961 6 770500
    (Located in Beit Kassab in the Hardin village. The village itself is a place of pray and nature with Over 30 monasteries, churches, hermitages and a beautiful forest)

  • Hassroun - Green Hotel, Ras El Nabeh street, Tel: 961 6 590180
    (A cozy hotel built in 1980s with 10 rooms and 5 suites)

  • Kfarhabou - In the heart of the village, Tel: 961 6 250284 / 3 731639 / Call Michael for English speaking 70 419943
    (Enjoy stunning and wild nature of North of Lebanon Donnieh. Mr Adel Azour provides accommodation for nature lovers and hikers in his village Kfarhabou located at 350 meters above sea level. Can accommodate 40 persons maximum. $25 per person with 2 meals per day, shared bathrooms with hot water. Guide available)

  • Kfifane - Al Hilm Motel, on the main road, Tel: 961 6 580 245 / 580 550
    (Near the monastery of Saint Hardini, offers 3 suites room with private WC and a common big salon, $70 per room)

  • Kfifane - Maison de prière: Tel: Sister Emance Tohme
    (Rooms rental, camping style in sleeping bags, kitchen available. 6000LL/night/person)

  • Kobayat - Kobayat Motel, Andaket Street, Akkar: Tel: 961 6 350636 / 3 746226
    (Situated in the extreme north, this town house - the Kobayat Motel, is ideally situated for discovering all of Kobayat and Akkar's main attractions and for visiting the historical areas. 8 fully equipped apartments - 100.000 L.L to 150.000 L.L per apartment)

  • Qozhaya/Kozhaya - Mar Antonios Kozhaya, Tel: 961 6 995507/8
    (Located in the beautiful and quiet Qannoubin valley near the Monastery of Mar Antonios Kozhaya, It has 21 clean rooms and affordable prices)

  • Rachana - Rachana Motel, Tel: 961 6 720 002, 961 3 705 661
    (In a beautiful cultural village near Kfifane, Available 5 big rooms with private WC, $50 per room with one main meal, beautiful panorama views)

  • Sir Deniyeh - Lazzab Lodge, Elsawah, Boueib, Tel: 961 3 797569 / 71 146915
    (Located on the eastern side of Qornet el Sawda and in the heart of Lazzab forest. Offering hiking and lodging. Comfortable simple rooms with individual bathrooms, for 2, 3 or 4 persons, $5 per tent and $40 3 meals + 1 night + hiking)

  • Sir Deniyeh - Sir Palace, Jazzar Raad, Main road, Tel: 961 6 490202/490407
    (Dated 1936 with its red and white facade and its stained-glass windows, the hotel is a testimony to Deniyeh heyday. Very beautiful furniture. In summer, the outdoor terrace flourishes, with its ice cream and candy kiosks evoking 'the good old days')

  • Tannourine - Guesthouse Sarkiss, Tannourine Al Fawka, Tel: 961 06 500007 / 3 679055
    (A family owned guesthouse located in a beautiful village, 3 rooms, individual and shared WC / Bathroom, heating, $25 to $35 per person with two2 meals)

  • Tannourine - Laze Fountain Eco Hotel, Tannourine Al Tahta, Tel: 961 3 189357
    (Located between the majestic rock cliffs and the river of Tannourine el Tahta. 45 rooms available for nature lovers. A Lebanese restaurant serving delicious baladi breakfast, plat du jour for lunch and both Lebanese and International cuisine for dinner on a 600 sqm terrace with a 140m length open bar for drinks under the stars. Prices starting 150$ with breakfast included.)

  • Tripoli - Beit el Nessim, Al Mina Labban Str., Tel: 961 6 200983 / 3 308156
    (An historic restorated landmark, faces the walled garden, and features a rooftop terrace, and an interior courtyard. Once inside you will enjoy harmoniously designed spaces, tastefully furnished 6 rooms, healthy gourmet breakfasts, warm hospitality, yoga and meditation classes, and ambiance that culminates in a peaceful oasis away from every day life.)

  • Tripoli - Hotel Via Mina, Al Mina street, Tel: 961 6 222227
    (A 1950s mansion with 18 rooms, in the heart of the quiet Al Mina district. Beautifully designed and a quiet Provencal-themed restaurant. It contains a swimming pool)

  • Tripoli - Pension Haddad, Al Tal near Café Fahim, Tel: 961 3 507709
    (An accommodation operated by a family, 8 rooms, shared WC and bathrooms, hot water available, price $15 to $25. Meal available as a breakfast)

  • Zgharta - Mar Sarkis w Bakhos, Mardachiye, Tel: 961 6 660029
    (15 rooms available, price starting $10. Common Kitchen but private bath and hot water with heater. Open the whole year)

  • For more information click on Lodging in Lebanon and Beaches
    - If your accommodation is not listed, or if you found any error in the information already provided, please contact us


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