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Roman Thermal Baths, Rue des Banques

Beirut! Ancient Phoenician city of the wells (Bir = Wells), rising above a promontory reaching out into the sea, with its back to soaring Mount Lebanon, right in the center of the straight North-South coast of the Eastern Mediterranean.

In the great days of Rome, it was the seat of celebrated school of law, rivaling those of Alexandria and Athens. Since 1920 it has been the capital of Lebanon, with a million inhabitants and an intensely active and thoroughly modern international airport.

Beirut is the seat of the Lebanese Parliament, with 128 deputies, and the fine, spacious Martyrs' Square facing the sea, as well as very old churches and mosques and a valuable archeological museum.

It has first-class hospitals - the American Hospital, Hôtel Dieu, Saint George's and Jettawi. There are very lively shopping centers and bazaars, and in the hinterland there are picturesque villages scattered over the lower slopes of the Lebanese mountain range. Visitors gather to contemplate the Pigeon grotto rising out of the sea, an arched rock marking the Beirut headland.

In Short, Beirut is a city with every kind of tourist, artistic and cultural attraction. See it for yourself!

- Roman Thermal Baths, Rue des Banques: >> View Movie << (2003-11-01)



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