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Do you wish to know why this truck was stopping near this Lebanese forest...?

Ghada Eid: Hi

Sami Beyhum: eno shou bado iysir ?

OneFineArt: Wait Sami.. wait no comment... Kifak inta Sami...

Sami Beyhum: ok will wait and see, bonjour Ghada, mnawra bi wjoudk ya Ghada:)

Gisela Neme: Ok esperare a mañana!!

Ghada Eid: haida nourkon thank you :D

Sami Beyhum: ya Princess Ghada ;)

Ghada Eid: ?:)

Charles G. Bedran: I read something about a gang cutting and stealing 3 ton of Cedar trees. A national crime that hurts all.

Frances Nader: or maybe simply peeing!!! hahahaha

Sami Beyhum: Why all we dont go and try to stop this crime? yalla who wants to go now

Pierre Messo: I hope they didn't cut the trees cause there's not to many of them in Lebanon..

MOhammed El Masri: If there is a real crime... Doesnt matter what,like cutting the trees,it should be delivered to someone that can judge this criminal. Maybe if its possible to see the plate number of the car

OneFineArt: Charles, Frances, Sami, Pierre, Mohammed, Bravo! Good logic... few hours and the second photo will come and the complete story... .. thanks for patience...

MOhammed El Masri: I didnt wait a lot coz i jst saw it one hour ago :P lol

Angie Papio: hmmm... maybe throwing garbages somewhere out there...or maybe harvesting pine nuts... or maybe! Or maybe they have a " little bee farm " there and they are visiting it or harvesting the honey...

OneFineArt: Angie.. hehe very clever I love ur comment dear

Angie Papio: thanks admin...( :

Pierre Messo: Maybe they are aliens and they are about to leave? It should be a crime to leave Lebanon :o)

OneFineArt: haha

Lbc Ouwwet Lebneniye: cz it's waiting the wood :)

Marleine Merhie: eh fi min y7essib ....waynnwatir l forests??? felteni......!!!

He was cutting trees that monster... I am not a Grendizer.. don't ask me why
I didn't stop him.. see his car without matriculation even...!! So stop always
dream of Lebanon... A lot of us are liars and monsters who hates Lebanon!!
Order Green Lebanon - The Book and help us protect Lebanon!!

Some Comments we received...

Sami Beyhum: hey we guys we have to help to keep lebanon green... where is this place ?

Ghada Eid: ykasser ideh .... 7aram :( bass i can't stop dream of Lebanon .... je suis malade en et par Liban et pas de medicament ... 7alleh sa3ebeh ..... bonjour any way :)

Sami Beyhum: walla if i was at this place when this guy was cutting kent masahet fi al arod

OneFineArt: Tomorrow.. u will know the place dear.. other photos will follow... thanks for supporting Sami and Ghada - thanks so much

Sami Beyhum: plz tell me the place now i want to go today ta kaserlo raso

Ghada Eid: ya hala William :)

Michael Murad: Report it to the police, and to the proper authorities , he must be responsible for his action.

OneFineArt: w barkeh el police with him.. who knows.

Ghada Eid: ya reyt fi Grendizer ...

Michael Murad: report them both, some one has to pay for this evil action, where is the laws??

OneFineArt: Eh walla Ghada Mazbout yaret fi Grendizer, taya3melo :o) Al Darba el Qadiya lol

Ghada Eid: hahaha eh al Darba al Qadiya :)))

Jenovaa Prenova Killwa: Ana bi ra2yi bala grindizer OneFineArt byekfi

OneFineArt: hhahaha Merci Jeno kind from you.. haha

Rita Ray Akl: I'm looking at those trees and thinking how many years it took them to grow.. patience, beauty and rain.. gone in just half an hour?

OneFineArt: Great Rita! Thanks

Rama Mhd: aha tole3 hek 3am ya3mel???????????????

Eyad Ayass: I hate what's happening in Lebanon ... : ( : ( : (

Diana Beydoun Daher: a7la chi baradet Rama ,y r u all all so surprised ,every hour if not every minute in lebanon bissir law,no police ,no authority w no balad bel 7arf lwa7ad chou baddak tsalle7 la tsalle7, kel wa7ad mechi 3ala kaifo,ya reit we do somethin on face book la nsalle7 echya ktire,,reve?

OneFineArt: Badda Mouzahara.. hehe w hek w mass7 el police LOLOLOL

Diana Beydoun Daher: revolution comme tunis e Egypte LOL Y NOT BAS NE7NA 3A MIN W MIN?ITS NOT 1 PERSON

OneFineArt: Yes got it Diana

Diana Beydoun Daher: la7ali ?? hehehe

Angie Papio: ohh.. poor trees... The Government Authorities should be notified ASAP...

Pierre Messo: Yes....I was right! They were aliens....cause humans must be better than this...

Rashwan Lakkis: i shoot the busterd

Jenovaa Prenova Killwa: i totally agreed with Diana

Ziad Merheb: ok

Bassem Zein: allah yel3anooooo li 2ata3oun lay ya 3alam lebnen l2a5dar

Marie AbouDiwan Nassar: peut etre il les a coupes pour le feu chez 1 des rayess...

Gisela Neme: Ah que barbaridad!! Eso sucede también acá!! Que hijos de la chingada!



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