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Mleeta - Where the Land Speaks to the Heavens - A Tourist Landmark about The Resistance

The Abyss:

A structural scenic display built on a 3000 m2 area representing the Zionist defeat. Itís made of several armed vehicles and weapons from the Israeli enemy army and its militia of Lahed. These items had been amassed by the resistance since 1982 until the July war of 2006.

The Path:

It is a rugged bushy trail where thousands of resistance fighters were positioned during the years of occupation. From there they launched hundred of military operations against enemy outposts as well as inside the occupied security zone, it also displays scenes of the different fighting positions of the resistance fighters with a descending trail of almost 250 m in length. The path contains the following scenes:

- Sayyed Abbas Barricade:
The former secretary general of Hezbollah, martyr Sayyed Abbas Al-Musawi, used this barricade. There he prayed and met, embraced and inspired the resistance fighters.

- Reinforcement:
A logistic mission during which the resistance fighters transported a variety of instruments and supplies from the backlines to the military frontlines.

- Constructions:
A logistic mission during which the resistance fighters worked on entrenchment, fortification and bunker building against enemy salvo.

- Missile Power:
A military unit that is commissioned with short, medium, and long range surface to surface missiles whose aim is to deter the enemy from targeting the Lebanese civilians and civil infrastructure.

- Combat Casualty Care:
A specialized first aid unit equipped to treat and rescue resistance fighters injured on the field during military operations.

- The Cave:
One of the posts that the resistance constructed in the mountains that faced Israeli outposts. Over a course of three years, an excess of thousand men dug and prepared it reaching 200 m in depth. It consists of living and rest rooms that the resistance utilized to embark on their field operations during the entire period of confrontations.

- The Tunnel:
Is the caveís exit where excavation tools are displayed.

- The Look Out:
This innovative area overlooks the villages and cities of Iqlim Al-Tuffah regions, Zahrani, Nabatiyeh, Saida and Tyre, the areas that were liberated by the resistance in 1985.

The Line of Fire:
Here some of the resistance weapons are displayed along a 200 m ascending trail. It shows how the resistance has developed its military structure since 1982 blending classical with innovative guerilla tactics as well as ancient with modern military techniques which is professionally utilized on both the tactical and maneuvering fields. The line of fire consists of the following scenes:

- Frontline Guarding: A preventive military mission with the aim to secure the resistance locations and frontline villages against enemy infiltration. Tens of thousands of resistance fighters kept this mission active over the past years of occupation, year-round, day and night.
- Infantry Support Artillery: This is the resistance artillery unit.
- Special Force: A highly trained and fully equipped infantry special force
- Anti-Tank Unit: A military unit that is responsible for guiding missiles against armored targets.
- Demolition Unit: A military unit that is responsible for the production and planting of explosives against enemy infantry and vehicles.
- Sujud Barricade: The resistance built this barricade in 1987 for surveillance and for firing at the Sujud enemy outpost. During the years of occupation, the enemy, despite hundreds of attempts, could not discover or destroy it.

The Liberation Province:

Itís a resting area at the end of the Path. Here the spirit of liberation in 2000 is obvious along with the most important weapons used by the resistance fighters in the July war of 2006.

The Hill:
An innovative area that symbolizes the martyrs, situated at the highest point of Mleeta and overlooks several former Israeli outposts. This is where the Land speaks to Heavens

- Mleeta - Tourist Landmark about The Resistance: >> View Movie << (2010-11-15)
- Mleeta - Tourist Landmark about The Resistance: >> View Movie << (2010-11-15)
- Mleeta - Tourist Landmark about The Resistance: >> View Movie << (2010-11-15)



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