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The name of this village is of Aramaic origin and means a place of help or aid, one might even say a medical clinic: Ba means a house or a temple, while Daran means aid, succor, assistance.

The village of Baazaran lies in the Shouf region of Mount Lebanon at an altitude of 3,200 to 3,350 feet and can be reached by passing through Beiteddine and Mukhtara, through Niha and Baazaran, or through Maasser esh-Shouf, Al-Khraybeh, and Baazaran. It is thirty-seven miles from Beirut and about five miles south of Mukhtara. One might say that it is a typical Lebanese mountain village, with its layout, terraces and old-style dwellings, and above all the delightful hospitality of its people.

It is characterized by its ancient buildings which go back to the time of the emirs and resemble those of Deir el-Qamar, for they are built in a style that was very widespread at that time. In particular one may note the very beautiful palace of Ali Basha Junblatt, a contemporary of our illustrious Emir Fakhreddine II.

Baazaran is much visited and is a popular summer resort thanks to the beauty of the surrounding nature and the environment, and the agreeable air. There is a khilweh serving the Druze, the residence of Sheikh Mohammed Abu Shaqra, the Mazar Abu Manqoud rock, cellars, antiquities, a serail in the style typical of Baazaran, the church of Saint Elias (Elijah), ancient wine presses, and a number of old houses that have been abandoned. There are bubbling springs from which clear streams run down, such as Ain el-Marah and Ain es-Sayfieh, as well as pinewoods, and natural nature reserves where birds abound.

There is a well-developed infrastructure with telephone service, water and electric power supply, a club, and an active local commerce. A visit to this place can be a most pleasant way of spending one’s time.

William Matar
Translation from the French : Kenneth Mortimer

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