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The bay of Jounieh

A view of the wonderful Bay of Jounieh, fifteen miles north of Beirut, about which Renan, the illustrious discoverer of the historic past of Phoenicia, once declared that it had its place among the most beautiful bays in the world.

The bay stretches in a wide semi-circle from Ras et-Tair at Kaslik to the rocky spur of Maameltein below the last foot-hills of the dominating Lebanese Mountain, where at an elevation of some 600 metres there stands the sanctuary of Our Lady of Lebanon at Harissa.

Not so long ago, banana and orange orchards stretched below the wide covering of oak trees sweeping down from the heights. The small town extended along the shore with just one main street, but now it has become a great urban agglomeration absorbing the earlier existing localities of Sarba, Ghadir, Haret Saker, Sahel Alma, Chnanair, Ghazir, Adma and Tabarja, whose lights in the late evening form a fairy spectacle that is reflected in the waves. Looking down from Tabarja or the Casino of Lebanon one has a vision of an immense galaxy of brilliant stars.

It was in this bay that the men-of-war of France, the protecting Power, cast anchor before visit was paid to the Patriarch of the Maronites in his residence up at Bkerki during the time of the Mutassarifs. Today this bay is lined with casinos, restaurants and hotels, offering their clients the pleasures of sea-bathing, of any number of water sports, and of Lebanese cuisine.

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