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Kfour - The Villages

The origin of the name is Syriac, coming from Kafr, which means village. Kfour is the plural form. Kfour lies in Kesrouan, a little higher than the township of Ghazir, to the north of which its charming hills surround the Bay of Jounieh, separated by a deep valley. Its verdant slopes climb in successive levels to heights of 3,500 feet. Formerly not only this region was a part of Kesrouan but also more than half of the departments of Jbeil (Byblos) and North Metn. The whole made up a region unique for its beauty, its sources of water, and its summits with the mountain of Sannine behind them. Kesrouan is still an area notable for its indented coastline, its rocks with fantastic forms, its orchards of fruit trees, and its forests.

All the little villages and hamlets here resemble one another in their internal make-up and their environment. They are separated by only short distances, they are surrounded by the same natural scenery, share the same climate and enjoy a similar infrastructure. They are scattered over the hillsides stretching to the north of the fairylike Bay of Jounieh, beyond and above Ghazir, with fertile terraces, attractive houses ensconced between trees of every description, valleys plunging below them, with a typical Roman bridge crossing the stream down at Maameltein.

As for Kfour, this is a site that is outstanding, with a fairy display of light in the evening and a a religious character and memories of legend that dominate the scene. The church of Kfour, on a turning to the right off the main road, with a charm of its own, is a copy on a very small scale of Notre Dame of Paris with two small and modest little towers on its façade.

The story, supposedly from the Old Testament, has it that there used to be a sanctuary visited by the faithful, but history says differently. The Kephirim mentioned in the Old Testament would be a village in Palestine, not in Lebanon, and in any case the name has a different meaning.

Kfour is counted one of the most popular summer resorts, being only a little over twenty miles from the capital Beirut, seven or eight from Jounieh, and five or six from Adma. It is occupied both in summer and winter, although in fact many of the inhabitants have houses lower down near the coast. There is a school, medical facilities, a club, hostels, a hotel, restaurants, and cultural and sporting activities associated.

Joseph MATAR - Translation from the French: Kenneth Mortimer

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