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Village of Douma

This red-roofed town, at 1050 meters above the see, 88 kilometers far from Beirut stands at the head of a long fertile valley known as Kfar Hilda, is proud of its ancient remnants. The town has been inhabited since at least the time of the Romans in the year 317 A.D.

The name is believed to be Phoenician since it was used in the Hebrew with the same pronunciation Dumah meaning "calm and rest". Dumah Al-Jendel is from the same root and might mean "calm and silence". "Al-Jendel" means "big rock" and thus its translation may be the place of rock worship, which was widespread with the Semites.

Father Kostantine Al-Mokhallissi thinks that the name is Greek, meaning "the house", "the building", or "the castle". The name might be taken from a Latin root Domna which is the name of one of the Byzantine queens who was famous for her beauty, Julia Domna, born in Homs in 170 AD. Her father was a priest of the Sun, worshiped as a God by the people of Homs. She was married to the Roman Augustus Septimos Sawyros.

The spring in Douma that is known as El-Ayn El-Tahta has a water basin on one side of which a Greek engraving is found which says: "Here rests Castor priest of the Gods Esklipios and Egia, and I declare this place should not be sold, and whoever dares to do so, has to pay 200.000 dinars to the treasury so it can stay to my inheritors".

This stone is believed to have been moved to the spring from its original place near a building which is thought to have been a temple of the God of medicine and was later transformed into a church for St. Doumit.

Near the roadside just above the town is the ancient church of Mar Nohra built into the rock.
From the wooden door fashioned from tree trunks to the yard shaded by a large Mediterranean oak, this charming spot is definitely worth a visit.

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