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Hardine: The Village of Hardine and The Temple of god Mercury

Means in Syriac language: "Pious", Witness of justice, Ardent in faith and Square of religion.

"Hardine, the Rock of faith and religion", "The first village to know Christianity in the Mount of Lebanon", "The first to be mentioned among the villages".

It is about 1100m. above sea level. A large area of very thick forests surrounds it and the following ruins of its inveterate past decorate its mountain terraces:

-The «rocky tile of Hardine» with its marine fossils and its unique length of 350 m along a slope to the west and its width of nearly l00m. Some one said, «The three most beautiful in Mount Lebanon are the valley of Kannoubine, The Palace of Beit Eddine and the tile of Hardine».

-The temple of god Mercury With 30 majestic pillars built according to the rare ionic style. This temple known as «the roman Palace of Hardine». It's a really fantastic one; it goes back to the time of Emperor Hadrian Augustus (117-137 A.D).

Over 30 monasteries, churches and hermitages still standing or were restored like:

-"St Fawka's" monastery (6th century)

-"Patriarchal monastery" since the Maronites came to Lebanon, known as "St. Sergios Alkarn".

-"St John Alchakf" monastery, since the days of the Crusaders.

-"St Taqla" church in Beit Kassab square. It was the father of St Hardidni, who first started its renovation in the 19th Century.

-The church and hermitage of "St Stephan" in a hollow in a light rock over the Plain of Al Jawz River.

-The ruins of "St Richa's" monastery, where the Syriac Diocese was moved between 1384 and 1598.

-The hermitages of "St Joseph", "Ste Anne", "St Ephram" the Syriac, "St Jacob Jesus' brother" and "the pottery monastery" in the hollows of Kfarshira, and "the Lady of the Castle" in the hollow of the water spring.

-The Church of "St. Georges and Edna" which is distinguished Christian inscriptions (fish and cross).

-The churches of "St Elias", "St Challita and Nohra" in the hollows engraved in the rocks, the old parish churches, like "St. Sergios and Bacchus" (rebui1t in 1932). "the Lady of deliverance" (rebuilt in 1948). The current one is St. Shayna" (1844), and finally the church of "St. Tadros" with its maronite alter, The two rebuilt churches of "St. Antonios of Padova" (1907), "St. Thomas" (1950) and the church of "Ste Theresa of the Baby Jesus" (1946).

-The monastery of St. Hardini» built with the donations of the people from Hardine in Lebanon and all over the world.

Hardin's historical characteristics:

-«Sarah From Hardine» the first Woman hermit mentioned in Lebanon (1199).

-Moukaddam Benjamin: One of the maronite heroes in battles defending Batroun and Byblos (13th C.)

-Priest Ibrahim ben Gerges ( 16th C.) and father Antonios Kassab ( 19th C.) both well Known Copyists.

-The monk Jacob Sarkis the supervisor in the maronite School in Rome when it was first established (1583).

-Patriarch David-John (1367-1404), the fourth to sit on the Patriarchal chair in the monastery of St Sergios al Karn.

-Three Syriac bishops from Hardine: Servios Issa, Abrahim Hdayban and Gerges Dagher (15th-16th C.).

-Check «Bou Dagher» (17th c.) who encouraged the Maronite Families to Own lands in Hardine. -A large number of monks, the most famous St. Hardini (1808-1858), St Charbel's tutor.

-Eleven of Hardini's finest young men drowned in the tragedy of Titanic (1912).

Reference: Dr. Bassil, Rafik, «Hardine»: Archeological, Historical, economical and social research P.H.D. in History, USEK, Faculty of Humanities 1997.

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