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Panoramic Views > North > El Minieh Dennieh > Karm el Mehr, Zgharteghrine, Kahf el Malloul, Imar

Karm el Mehr, Zgharteghrine, Kahf el Malloul, Imar

There are four Christian villages in the predominantly Muslim Casa (Sub-prefecture) of Dynnieh. These four villages, connected to Kfar Habou, Ardeh and Rashii, have managed to obtain a direct road link with Zgharta, a large Christian town in the region. This explains why these villages feel safe despite the present widespread fundamentalist and Jihadi wave.

Zgharteghrine stands 2,500 feet above sea level and opens the way to Kahf el-Malloul, the Oak-tree Cave, standing at 3,000 feet. Beyond lie a third village, Karm el-Mahr, the Vineyard Generous Dowry, at 3,300 feet, and finally Imar nestling at 3,500 feet.

Four phantom villages we find, nearly all their inhabitants having moved to Australia. A few return from time to time and then only for short visits. Some however have built rich and luxurious residences.

These collectivities are surrounded by extensive forests of pines, cedars, oak trees, and various other kinds of woodland growth. Many flocks of goats seek pasture over this otherwise neglected wilderness. The region north of Miziarah opens onto a fantastic valley where fresh water flows. The citadel of Ayeshah stands near a hamlet whose abundant springs could be successfully exploited by a mineral water company.

In Australia there is an association of ladies originating from these villages who are active on behalf of this beautiful region now provided with cultural, sporting and social activities.

In all four villages there is rivalry between the inhabitants to see which place has the most beautiful church. There are many old ruins and ancient cellars to be found, the remains of a former village, a wine press, a wood of oaks named after Saint Maura, caves and springs from which gush sparkling streams. Tourism has on the whole been neglected, although from outside parties of hikers arrange outings here.

The fine woodlands on the western slopes of Cornet es-Sawda have a view of the sea on the horizon. The whole averages fifteen miles from Zgharta, twenty-five from Tripoli and sixty-five from the capital Beirut.

Joseph Matar - Translation from the French: Kenneth Mortimer

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