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The Village of Terbol

Turbol is a hill known as Jebel Turbol, and stands three hundred feet above sea level just over six miles from Tripoli. When we were small, during the geography lessons at school it was explained to us what was the main resource of each region of Lebanon, in one place abundant water, in another hot springs, olives, oil, oranges, bananas, cereals, vines, crafts, industry or tourism. In a word, we were told what characterized each region and what it produced, and where we could find outcrops of iron ore or coal. When it was a question of petroleum, naft in Arabic, reference was made to Turbol; but understand, this was seventy years ago and oil has been discerned only in the extreme South and then out at sea.

There are in Lebanon three places known under the name of Turbol, in the South, in the Beqaa and to the north of Tripoli in the Donnieh region. This last is the one that concerns us here, the one on a hill to be reached by any one of three ways of access, the Mejdelaya road not far from Zghorta, the Minieh road, or the road by Deir Lmar.

The origins of the name have never been made clear. It is in effect a high hill with an agglomeration of the same name, in particular with the fine residence of some very rich person.

Turbol is like a watch tower, a vantage point from where on can see sweeping panoramas of scenic beauty stretching as far as the eye can see over the Akkar plain, Tripoli and the lakes of Youn es-Samak. One has a view towards all four points of the compass, ranging in a complete circle. The place itself is almost desert due to dark volcanic ground in which few trees grow; but if the site appears arid in its splendor, the surroundings are unique.

The village itself enjoys a modern infrastructure with town hall, churches, mosques, school and medical centers. On the outskirts of this volcanic region, on the road leading to Markabta, there is a mzar (shrine) of Nabeh (Prophet) Yashouh, a place of worship where visitors come and meditate. There are also basements, one of which is of exceptional length.

The people of Turbol are professionals, craftsmen or officials, working in Tripoli or in Beirut. Anybody visiting Turbol should not forget Youn es-Samak, where the leaping waters of the El-Bared river former small lakes that are a sight to see.

Joseph Matar

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