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Holiday Soup
Shorbet el Heed


2 medium-sized, stuffed chickens (review no. 4)
32 patties of kibbi (small patties) made hollow and stuffed (Review no.6)
4 oz. rice
10 oz. keema meat formed in the shape of large marbles (Review no.7)
2 tbs. salt
5 pts. 5 oz. water
2 1/2 oz. butter
Parsley cut fine and ground cinnamon for garnishing


Stuff chickens as in No.3 after adding to the stuffing 2 oz. snobar (pine nuts) and 1 tbs. orange flower water. Sew and truss chicken and place in a pot. Pour water over them and add salt and cook over high heat when skim appears, remove it then reduce heat to medium. Boil rice in part of the chicken broth in a separate pot. When chickens are done, strain the rest of broth over the rice and let boil. Add to this the kibbi patties and the keema balls and a little of ground mastic (which should be tied in piece of cheese cloth). These last ingredients should be added about 30 minutes before serving time. When ready to serve remove the little sack of mastic and pour soup into a deep bowl or soupier. Garnish with finely chopped parsley and ground cinnamon. Serve chicken in a separate dish.



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