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Meat Dumpling
Shish Barak

Dough = 2 c flour and ½ c water
1 Ib. chopped lamb
1 c diced onions
Salt and pepper to taste
Yogurt sauce
2 to 3 T butter or ghee
3 cloves garlic
1 c chopped fresh coriander

1. Make dough and then roll into 2 inch round shape pieces.

2. Meanwhile fry lamb, chopped onions in butter or ghee.

3. Place a teaspoon of stuffing on small pieces, fold in half and then twist bottom to a standing position. Place on a greased baking tray and bake for about ten minute in medium oven temperature 350 degrees. Do not let the dumplings brown (this baking of the dumplings keeps them firm)

4. Make yogurt sauce. Add the baked dumplings and cook for about 30 minutes.

5. Meanwhile, fry in ghee 1 cup of fresh chopped coriander and 3 mashed cloves of garlic.

6. When ready to serve pour the yogurt sauce with the dumplings in a deep platter and cover the sauce with the coriander mixture.

Hint: Some prefer to eat this meal lukewarm.

Other Method:

Kibi with "Shishbarak"


1 lb. 4 oz. lean meat, pounded or ground fine
12 oz. burghul
5 oz. onions
1/2 tsp. spices
2 bunches green coriander
2 oz. butter (to fry garlic and coriander)
3 tbs. mashed garlic
5 oz. meat, lean and chopped very fine (for stuffing)
1 oz. onions, chopped fine
7 oz. of best quality white flour
4 pts. 7 oz. laban (goat's or cow's laban)
1/2 tbs salt
4 oz. water
A little salt and pepper for the stuffing

First prepare kibbi and make stuffing. Use part of the stuffing for the oval pieces of kibbi.

Prepare a dough with the flour and water. Roll it out very thin and cut with a very small cutter (not much wider than a thimble). Put a little of the stuffing in each piece of dough, close edges together to form a crescent then fold this so that the two ends meet and press them together. These pieces are called "Shishbarak". Arrange these pieces on a baking sheet and put in moderate oven until dough is dry. (It can also be left sitting uncovered exposed to the air and it will dry sufficiently).

Boil the laban (as described at the end). Add to it the pieces of kibbi and shishbarak. Fry garlic and coriander in butter and add salt. Add them to laban and other ingredients.

With this dish you may serve plain rice cooked.

Ways to prepare Laban

1- Laban (Yogurt)

Put laban in a thin sack and hang to drain for about 1/2 hour. Pour out of the sack into a pot and boil. Add a heaping (tbs) of cornstarch which had been melted in a little cold water. Pour through a strainer into the laban stirring constantly. This is now ready for whatever dish is to be cooked in.

2- Cow laban

Strain laban through fine strainer and pour into a muslin sack letting it drain for about one hour. Pour laban into a pot and add 1 oz. (about 2 level tbs) of corn starch melted in a little cold water. Stir well. Cook over high heat and continue to stir until it boils well. It is then ready for whatever dish to be cooked in laban sauce.



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