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Pumpkin Kibbeh On tray, pyrex, aluminum or stainless - Go to french version
Kibbeh Laktine

Serves: 10


Pumpkin: 2,000 grams
Cracked wheat (burghol): 600 grams
Caraway seeds: one large tablespoon or more, as desired
Olive (or other) oil: 3 large tablespoonfuls
Onions: 1 or 2 for the pumpkin paste
Onions: 600 grams for the stuffing
Flour: 3 or 4 large tablespoonfuls
Chard, spinach or sorrel: 500 grams
Chickpeas: 200 grams
Pine seeds: 60 grams
Raisins or currants: 50 grams
Large lemon: one
Pomegranate vinegar or verjuice: 2 large tablespoons
Karvi: one large tablespoon
(For the stuffing and interior dressing there are several recipes.)
Pepper, capsicum, salt, marjoram and mint according to taste.

How to prepare the pumpkin paste:

Boil the pumpkin in a very little water for ten minutes, then pour into a sieve and press to extrude the water.
Add the burghol (cracked wheat), onion, caraway, salt, pepper, capsicum, karvi, mint, marjoram, etc..
Pass through the mill and, once the paste is thoroughly mixed pressed, add three or four large spoonfuls of flour to obtain a consistent paste.
Pumpkin may also be served as a globe like a stuffed pear (aubergine) fried over a flame with oil or boiled with water or in laban (curdled milk) specially prepared for recipes of this kind.

Preparing the dish:

1- Prepare the onions by cutting them into slices which are laid directly on the bottom of the tray with a little olive oil.
2- Lay the onions on the bottom of the tray and spread the past 1 centimeter thick, adding a little oil, and leave in the oven for 30 minutes.

1- Mix the chopped onions and fry on a low flame, adding raisins with pine seeds, pepper. salt, capsicum, lemon, and pomegranate vinegar or verjuice.
2- Oil the tray and spread a layer of the paste 8mm. thick, add the stuffing already prepared, and then add another layer of the paste. Add some oil to the tray and then leave in the oven for 30 to 40 minutes.

1- Chop some sorrel, chard or spinach with the chickpeas.
2- One of the chopped greens has oil and chopped onion added, with the further addition of chickpea, salt, pepper and ingredients, with lemon juice, verjuice or pomegranate vinegar.
3- Pour oil on the tray, spread a layer of paste 8mm. thick, then the stuffing and then a second layer of paste; pour some oil and then put in the oven.

Note that one can trace with a knife and decorate the upper layer with geometric patterns.



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