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33 North: Join the Journey - Mount Hermon Trek (2814 m) The sacred mountain

It was called Sirion by the phoenicians and Hermon in the ancient testament. This sacred mountain has been renamed Jabal Al-Shaykh in the modern era.

During the roman period, like Mount-Lebanon, Mount-Carmel and Mount-Cassius, this summit was considered a sacred place and a divine residence and the belief is confirmed by the presence of many temples. In fact, the traces of an ancient cult still remain at Qasr Antar, namely, a rock in the form of a cone, from 5 to 6 meters high and surrounded by an oval stone enclosure.

We will start our trek from Wadi Jeneem above the village of Chebaa and we will return from different route Ain Sabroune. Mules are going to carry our personal and camping equipment up to the mountain.

Route card:

Trail length: 26 km (day 1 & day 2)
Gained height: 1400 m
Lost height: 1400 m
Difficulty Level: advanced

Meals details: Lebanese food prepared by our local friends.

Lodging details: bivouacking in tents @ 2750 m above sea level.

Transportation details: air conditioned buses (28 seats).

Gear up with: Warm jacket, balaclava, fleece jacket, hiking boots, backpack, sunglasses, sun screen, lipstick, toiletries, spare clothes, head lamp (equipped with new batteries), 4 litres of water, energetic bars, a floor mat, sleeping bag, emergency kit.

At such altitude night temperatures are close to zero.
Equip yourself with two backpacks: one that you should carry during the hike and another one for your personal equipment (carried by the mules).

Contribution: 140 $ per person (based on a group of 10 participants)
Including: transportation, mountain guides, local guides, mules for equipment transportation, meals (Saturday: lunch, dinner) (Sunday: breakfast), tents & insurance.

Reservation policy & deadline:

• Deadline registration is 15 days prior to the departure date, in order to obtain access permission to the mountain.
• A down payment of 50% of the total amount is a must in order to make a reservation not refunded in case of cancellation from your side.
• A copy of the ID or passport in order to get the permit from the Lebanese Army.

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