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Phoenician Voyager
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Antiquity tour: Lebanon, Turkey & Jordan
13 days /12 nights 3 nights Istanbul - 5 nights Lebanon - 4 nights Jordan

Come visit history and see the birthplace of many of earliest human civilizations. Walk among the ruins of the Romans, Byzantines, Phoenicians, Arabs and Ottomans. Enjoy Lebanon’s snowcapped mountains and golden beaches. Float in the healing waters of the Dead Sea, scuba dive in one of the world's most famous dive centers, and snorkel along some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world. Spend time in the hospitality of the Bedouins, swim with the dolphins and scale majestic mountains mentioned in the monotheistic holy books. Come see where history was born and the future is taking place.

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Desert Safari and Coastal Mediterranean Adventure:
This Trip runs in spring & summer seasons only
9 Days / 8 Nights 4 days Jordan- 5 days Lebanon

Start the adventure in the lowest point on Earth, the Dead Sea and pamper yourself in the hot springs and mud bath of the healing natural wonder before you travel back to the times of the Nabataeans with their gorgeous once lost city of Petra. Have an early morning walk along its rocky walls and treasures and finish your evening with dinner in a Bedouin camp. Your visit to Jordan will not be complete without a Jeep ride in the desert of Wadi Rum. The venture continues with taking a different journey into the rural sites of Lebanon and enjoying the warm residents of various Lebanese villages. Hiking, fishing and bird watching are few activities you will get while having an unforgettable memory of authenticity and charming sites.

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Orient Civilization Tour: Istanbul, Lebanon & Cairo
11 Days/ 10 Nights 3 nights Istanbul – 4 nights Lebanon – 3 nights Cairo

Voyage into these oriental civilizations and have a memory of a life time with each moment. Start with the Ottoman Empire in Istanbul with Dolmabahce, Bosporus and its monumental Hagia Sofia and Grand Bazaar. Your next step goes into the Phoenician land of Lebanon with visits to its famous castles, citadels and Cedar forests, and then you walk into the Pharaoh time and the priceless treasures of King Tut and scenic view of the Nile river.

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Sinbad tour: Istanbul, Lebanon, Jordan & Cairo
16 days /15 nights 3 nights Istanbul - 5 nights Lebanon - 4 nights Jordan - 3 nights Cairo

This is your true vacation with all the ancient ruins of the Pharaohs, the Romans, Byzantines, Phoenicians, Arabs and Ottomans. Have the best time in Istanbul for few days before you indulge into the Lebanese experience with its golden beaches, and scenic Jeitta Grotto. Continue to enjoy the Bedouin hospitality in Jordan and have a good time floating in the Dead Sea waters and strolling in the giant rose city of Petra to end your adventure in the city of 1000 minarets Cairo and taste its traditional food and folk dance with dinner on a Nile cruise. Get lost in memories of these ancient cities and come back home with lively experiences of your Middle East journey.

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Sultan Tour: Turkey and Lebanon
8 Days/7 Nights 4 days Istanbul – 4 days Lebanon

Enjoy your journey into the Ottoman era with the glory of Topkapi Palace and the rich Dolmabahce with its famous 4.5 tons crystal chandelier. Walk along the old streets of Istanbul and take scenic views of Hagia Sofia museum, minarets and mosques. Have a sun set dinner on the Asian side of the Bosporus and wander the Princess Island before you take off to the land of the Phoenicians. Start your journey in Lebanon in the chic downtown of its capital, Beirut. Transport thousands of years into history discovering Byblos, the oldest existing city on earth. Take a sensory stroll through the largest cave in the Middle East, the Jeita Grotto and walk among the majestic Cedars of Lebanon. Feel regal exploring the ruins of the temple of Jupiter in Baalbek and spend time in the summer residence of the president at the Beiteddine Castle. Truly it is a memorable trip to last a life time.

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