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O Club….. Hiking Baakline – Daraya Bridge / Gharife on 23rd of October 2011.

Baakline, another large town in the Chouf, used to be the capital of old Mountain of Lebanon, where Amir Fakher El-Deen was born.
But O Club presence will definitely mark a Difference!!! A mixture of sports and eco-tourism day where the program will be as follow:

Sunday 23rd of October; 2011:
- 7h30: Gathering Jdeideh Round about
- 8h00 (sharp): Departure towards Baakline
- 9h30: Arrival and getting some hiking tips 
- 9h45: Start the Hike from Baakline till Darayya bridge/Gharife. This hike is for 11 km (equal to 4 or 5 hours depending on the stops). Where you will pass by a grotto; a river and many others. For those who doesn’t want to do a long hike; they can have a stop after 2 hours and take the bus to the last station. During the Hike we will take our Lunch in the middle of the nature!
- 2h45: Expected arrival to the last station
- 3h00: You can benefit from an exceptional experience which is riding donkeys; this experience will give also the idea about how to treat donkeys; to feed them and how o ride them.
- 4h30: Departure to Beirut
- 6h30: Expected arrival (depending on traffic)

This day will include: Bus transportation; Lunch Box (a well balanced meal matching with the nature environment); Monitors and Guides; Insurance for 30 USD per person (non refundable in case of your cancellation) to be settled in any Bank of Beirut Branches on O Club account number 453973. 

To register yourself / your friends; click on / O Club…Hiking towards Baakline/Gharife event / register now icon and fill the format.
Dead line to register is Friday 21st of October 2011. 

What to wear?
Solid Boots; Pants (jeans are not allowed); T.shirts; Preview light jacket; Sunglasses; Sunscreen; Hat; Cam and lots of Humor.
P.S.: Kindly find hereafter the map guiding from Jdeideh till Baakline. Just click on Ctrl and click the link below.

For more info please call O Club on:
961 3 854038 /
961 71 965878 /
Our monitors are equipped by Sports 4 Ever where you can find all the necessary outdoor equipment.

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