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For the early authors of the Bible coming in from the desert, Lebanon was a paradise of forests and gardens, "of fabulous springs of water, a land flowing with milk and honey."

Olive trees, plantains, orange-trees, vines, apple-trees, fig-trees, almond-trees, cherry-trees, strawberry plants, and great expanses of forests of evergreen oaks, larches, Mediterranean pines, and above all giant cedars celebrated by the poets: 'To what shall I compare your greatness? Surely, to a cedar of Lebanon with noble branches, thickset needles and lofty trunk... It was the envy of every tree in Eden, in the garden of God' (Ezekiel XXXI).

'May I not go across and see this prosperous land beyond the Jordan, this prosperous country of hills, and Lebanon?' (Deuteronomy III, 25, Moses on Mount Nebo); 'Come from Lebanon, my promised bride, come from Lebanon, come on your way' (Canticle of the Canticles).

Welcome to Discover Lebanon! Open-minded, joyful, tolerant and helpful, the people of this country open their arms to you, with Ahla! Ahla! Feel yourself welcome and at home, already one of us! The site is devoted to Lebanon, acting as a tourist guide; In it you may explore all aspects of our country whether you are a native or a tourist planning to visit the land of love.

The site presents thousands of pages for discovering and exploring the beauty of the country.
We endeavor to present you with many aspects of Lebanon and to show you on this site the whole country in a complete set of 360 panoramic views.

The American University of Beirut was founded in the Lebanese capital in 1866 by American Protestant missionaries, notably Daniel Bliss, after whom the nearby street is named, and Henri Honis Jessup. It is an independent university reputed for science, medicine and technology. Read More

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Phone and Dine in Lebanon: Information of Restaurants & Cafés provided by cities inside Lebanon.

Calendar for Events in Lebanon: Discover all kinds of activities, exhibitions, nightlife & events in Lebanon.

Events: Adventures in Lebanon Upcoming events - July / August 2014Rock Climbing, Rafting, Palm Islands. ATV adventure, Janit Chouwen, hiking in Imar, Kayak... -details-
Events: Byblos and Beyond Hiking programs for July 2014: Visiting Roman Oak Trail, Shouf Biosphere and a Randonnee in Khenchara, call 71 728165 -details-
Events: Vamos Todos Program for July August 2014Al Khreibeh, Rahbe, Blawza Annoubine, Anfeh, Rachaya Al Wadi, Laqlouq, Al Hadath, Kornet el Sawda etc... -details-
Events: Dale Corazon Hiking program for July 2014: Weekend in Sour, diving in Saframarine, Trail in Tannourine, Mayfouq night hike, hiking from Bechare to Tannourine and more... -details-
Events: Calendar of July to August 2014 by Neos Kids: Fishing activities in the mountains, visiting Laklouk, Tannourine and Balaa, discovering planets and more... -details-
Events: Jabal Moussa Biosphere Reserve, a unique protected area between Kesserwan and Jbeil Byblos, a place for natural heritage, find information for eco-tourism activities... -details-
Events: Events ProMax for Adventures & Fitness July till August 2014: Hiking in Rashaya Ibl el Saki, Ebri reserve Janneh, hiking Bkassin forest, Jezin, Qamomoua forest etc... -details-
Events: Please find below details about Lebanon Paragliding SchoolParagliding Tandems day and time, briefing, reservation and cost. what to wear and contact... -details-
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Contact Name: Elie G
Phone: 70991591
Address: Zouk mosbeh near Municipality palace
Description: Space : 122 sqm // Bldg 4 years old // Floor 4 th // Elevator 24/24 + insurance + generator free of charge // Bedroom(s) 2 " very fair room space" Bath(s) : 2 // Kitchen : very fair space + modified // Living & dining room fully decorated // ACs: mounted #3 // Balcony 3 // 1 very fair space // View: olive garden // Parking: 1 inside bldg // Water : big tank of 80,000 ltr / bldg // Possibility of sale furnished (add on 14,000$) // Location: - very calm place - 1km from highway // Nearby places: - NDU - Notre dame de louayze school - Municipality palace - Marche public - La morena market


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