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- >For tour packages inside Lebanon< offers all Lebanese and tourists interested in ecotourism (hiking trip), festivals and tours in Lebanon (tour packages) to follow this section. For companies or people involved in this sector please email us at and send us a brief description of your work. It will be a pleasure for our staff to contact you back in order to establish an account for you and give you the possibility to highlight your activities.

Events: Vamos Todos March 2015 Program: Al Arz to Baakafra, Nahr Joz Hike, Raachine wata Joz, Majd Maouch, Laqlouq, Machmouche and more... -Details-

Events: Neos Kids - March and April 2015: Discovering Mim museum, slides in snow and lunch at Beity Kfardebian, snowshoeing, snow man competition and more... -Details-

Events: BEYOND BYBLOS Hiking program for March 2015: Ain Kfae, Maroun Abboud village, snowshoeing at Laklouq, Akhwat Chanay trail etc.. -Details-

Events: Program of March for Dale Corazon 2015: Hiking in Shouwen - Jannet, hiking in Hamatoura, hiking in Boxmaya, hiking in Abaydat... -Details-

Events: ProMax January till March 2015: Snowshoeing Tannourine Reserve, Ain Zhalta Barouk, Chabrouh, Hadet El Jebbeh, Ehden reserve etc... -Details-

Events: Footprints Nature Club March 2015 program: Hiking in Horsh Baakline to the Blue Waterfall, snowshoeing in Bakish, Hiking in Ras El Maten... -Details-

Events: New Year 2015 Package with O-Club! 3 charming days in Sharm El Sheikh - Second program will be in Jdeideh with O Club for Kids on 14 December... -Details-

Events: Jabal Moussa Biosphere Reserve, a unique protected area between Kesserwan and Jbeil Byblos, a place for natural heritage, find information for eco-tourism activities... -Details-

Events: November 16th, 2014 - TourLeb will take you on a journey to discover the Castles of the South (Beaufort, Tebnine and Doubbyeh) Call 70 48 45 45 -Details-

Events: Adventures in Lebanon - Tannourine reserve - Sunday 9, November 20014: Enjoy a beautiful hiking surrounded by 70.000 cedars tree and sounds of birds... -Details-

Events: Byblos and Beyond: Great Apple picking, and perfect for family outing - Saturday 27th of September 2014. Visiting Tannourine and Douma... -Details-

Events: Please find below details about Lebanon Paragliding SchoolParagliding Tandems day and time, briefing, reservation and cost. what to wear and contact... -Details-

Events: Adventures in Lebanon Hiking Program August 2013: Kayaking in Litani river, rappel and escalade, hiking in Jannet Chouwen etc... -Details-

Events: Via Amici Hiking for 24 November 2013 in Deir Hamatoura Kousba: 750 meters above sea level, 70 kms from Beirut, Lunch open Meza, mixed grill... -Details-

Events: ProMax Adventures Program for September 2012: Rafting in Assi River, hiking in Tannourine nature reserve, mountain bike between Douma and Byblos etc... -Details-

Events: Byblos & Beyond invites you to Discover Tannourine El Fawqa Village on 2 September 2012: Cedar forest, wadi Ain el raha, Deir Houb, St Chalita church etc... -Details-

Events: Vamos Todos - September 2012 Program: Hiking from Arz Bcharreh to Tannourine, day on the beach at Tyre, sunset hiking at Anfeh, hiking in Akoura, rafting in Assi...etc -Details-

Events: O Club organizes a Rally paper by bikes for September 23rd from Ain el Mraisseh, reaching Ramlet el Bayda, and Gemayze. (Find as well regular August program) -Details-

Events: Rev Summer Exhibition 2012 by Ruwayha Eco Village, Hammana Lebanon: Amphitheater, accommodation, exhibitions, music festival, wedding, sports etc... -Details-

Events: ProMax Sports - August 2012 Program: Rafting in Assi River, Fitness in Bkassine Forest, Hiking in Shouf Cedar Forest in Barrouk, Ain Dara, Deir El Kamar... -Details-

Events: During the month of July, O Club will be providing many private outdoor services - Join us on 22 July for the beach party in San Stephano Resort Batroun -Details-

Events: Kids Summer, July 2012 LebaneseAdventure: Chouf Reserve, Adventure at Ramlieh Chouf, Discover Underground  world (Roueiss), Camping Initiation at Janneh... -Details-

Events: T.E.R.R.E. Liban organise «Green Sundays» dans la forêt de Baabda... tous les dimanches entre le 15 avril et le 24 juin 2012, de 9 heures à 18 heures... -Details-

Events: Spring Festival Beirut 2012 - April 1 till May 13, 2012: Sunflower Theater, Beit El Fan (Tripoli ) and Horsh Beirut: Puppet Theater, music, singing, dancing and more... -Details-

Events: Enjoy Lebanon 15 April 2012 - Belair Travel and Tourism: Going to Bziza, Hardine, Batroun, randonnée, picnic et rafraichissement de la limonade de Batroun... -Details-

Events: Enjoy Lebanon with Belair - 18th March 2012, tour to Jezzine & Arnoun: Beaufort Castle, Farid Serhal Palace, waterfall,  Serail, Habib Haddad Shop...etc -Details-

Events: Adventures in Lebanon Program of February 2012: Skidoo in Warde Faraya, snowshoeing in Zaarour, valentine wine tour, snowshoeing in Falougha and more... -Details-

Events: Vacances de Noel offrent une occasion unique à vos enfants: Camping à Janne, Journée  à  Ramlieh,  Raquettes sur neige,  Spéléologie à Roueiss... -Details-

Events: Beirut Marathon November 27, 2011 - Races: Adult 42.195 m, 10.000 m, Fun run 10 k, Youth race 5 k , 1 k with mom, 10K for Wheelchair... -Details-

Events: Autumn / Winter Calendar 2011 of Neos Kids: Qadisha Valley, picking olive in Koura, Knights and princesses in Mseilha Fortress..., Mushrooms picking and more... -Details-

Events: Vamos Todos November 2011 Program: Weekend in Ehden, hiking in Bsetine el Ossi, Hike in Baabda forest, Annaya to Lehfed, visiting deir el Moukhales and more... -Details-

Events: WalkLeb October 2011: Mayrouba & Afqa for biking, archery & rope pulling...Palm Islands an a boat trip, open barbecue, families with kids are welcomed... -Details-

Adventures in Lebanon - October 2011: Rafting in Assi river, picking apples in Akoura, Climbing in Balaa Tannourine, hiking in 3youn Samak, caving in Akoura etc...

Events: Lina's launches its first ever sandwich competition promoting culinary talent in Lebanon! Grand winner, whose sandwich will appear on Lina's 2012 menu... -Details-

Events: BelAir: 2 days trip to Akkar on 15 & 16 October: Visiting Menjez, Qoubaiyat, Andkit, Qammouha,  discovering archaeology, temples, churches, convents etc... -Details-

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