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- >For tour packages inside Lebanon< offers all Lebanese and tourists interested in ecotourism (hiking trip), festivals and tours in Lebanon (tour packages) to follow this section. For companies or people involved in this sector please email us at and send us a brief description of your work. It will be a pleasure for our staff to contact you back in order to establish an account for you and give you the possibility to highlight your activities.

Events: WalkLeb October 2011: Mayrouba & Afqa for biking, archery & rope pulling...Palm Islands an a boat trip, open barbecue, families with kids are welcomed... -Details-

Adventures in Lebanon - October 2011: Rafting in Assi river, picking apples in Akoura, Climbing in Balaa Tannourine, hiking in 3youn Samak, caving in Akoura etc...

Events: Lina's launches its first ever sandwich competition promoting culinary talent in Lebanon! Grand winner, whose sandwich will appear on Lina's 2012 menu... -Details-

Events: BelAir: 2 days trip to Akkar on 15 & 16 October: Visiting Menjez, Qoubaiyat, Andkit, Qammouha,  discovering archaeology, temples, churches, convents etc... -Details-

Events: O Club: Hiking Baakline – Daraya Bridge / Gharife on 23rd of October 2011: 2 to 5 hours walking, 2 levels of hiking, visiting grotto, river and a lunch in the nature... -Details-

Events: Eco-colo by Lebanese Adventure du 18 au 27 Juillet, et du 1 au 10 Aout 2011: Taanayel, Assi, journée à Baalbeck, balade au lac Karaoun, Ramlieh etc... -Details-

Events: Program of Lebanese Adventure July/August 2011: Rafting on Orontes, camping, moonlight hike, Kornet el Saouda, climbing in Hammana, meteor shower...etc -Details-

Events: Adventures in Lebanon Program July 2011: Horse back riding, weekend in Mzaar, rafting in Assi, Bab Mareh Litani River, Wine & Arak Tasting and more... -Details-

Events: Sayfiyeh Bi Chbaniyeh 14 - 17 July 2011: Exhibition, crafts, artisan, food products, outdoor activities for children: games, kites, chess, pottery coloring etc... -Details-

Events: Calendrier d'ete NEOS KIDS 2011 Mai / Aout: Collection de voitures de Billy Karam, Cueillette de printemps, merveilles de la mer, Le lac de Bnacha'i et d'autres activités... -Details-

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