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Lebanon is the gateway to the world and the entry into manís spirit.

We at DiscoverLebanon endeavor to present you with the many aspects of Lebanon and to show you on this site the whole country in a complete set of 360-degree panoramic views. These will reveal to you the beauty of the Land of the Cedars, heir to Divine Revelation, and so you will see Lebanon with new eyes, a Lebanon to which you will pay a virtual visit before you come to actually set foot on its sacred soil and to explore it for yourself. Each panoramic view that you find in our site comes with a documentary text for which our editors study the ground, so providing an appealing description. This section, incidentally, is available in French as well as in English.

But our efforts for you have not stopped there! Other sections have been created to give you an idea of what Lebanon really is:

- Surfing the site, you will discover a complete set of photos of Lebanon. The ones we show are original ones, not previously displayed on Internet. We have divided them into various sections, such as Beirut, Cities, Forests, Monuments, and Lebanon by Night..., to mention only some of them. The photos, by the way, can be used as E-cards to send to your friends.

- You may order large panoramic posters of Lebanon.
- You may open interactive maps of Lebanon covering Beirut and the principal cities.
- You may dip into our complete Directory of Tourism, taking you on to thousands of other websites that are listed in it.
- You can check on weather forecasting stations in order to follow the weather in and around the main urban centers.
- You can create your own account in our white pages, where you can add your own photos and search to access members with their phone numbers and addresses.
- You may use our collection of cooking recipes to prepare Lebanese food for yourself!
- You may follow the news in Arabic or French.

- You may surf the Eco-tourism section for up-to-date programs of hiking parties or check the tours with an agent.
- You may surf the Phone and Dine directory of restaurants & cafés by cities.
- You can benefit from our section of free deals and ads, and search for classified ads covering real estate, rental services, education, marketplace and concerts.
- You can book online in our Hotel Reservation section for both Lebanese and international hotels. You can find a complete listing by Kadaa of hostels in Lebanon.
- You may find updated information on movies that have been released and are showing in Lebanese cinemas.
- You may join our chat rooms to have fun and chat with other people.
- You can change the wallpapers of your desktop or laptop computer and choose high-resolution photos of Lebanon.
- You may join conversations in our discussion forums.
- You can watch and listen to Lebanese televisions and Lebanonís radios live.
- You may watch our movies presenting Lebanon.

However, we are largely dependent on the generosity and patriotic spirit of our sponsors. DiscoverLebanon is a non-profit site that depends on financial contributions in order to operate. Please consider backing our efforts by becoming a supporter. For any donation, contact info(at)

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