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Lebanese Recipes:

It is with food that the Lebanese express their generosity and hospitality. The most casual caller is immediately offered a cup of coffee and even the unexpected visitor is pressed to stay on for an ample meal, which generally consists of a variety of dishes and can always be produced at extremely short notice.

The secret to mastering Lebanese cuisine lies in the preparation and organization of the menu and in the fact that Lebanese dishes store and reheat well.

The Lebanese cook always prepares several dishes in advance and stores the basic mixtures so that they can be combined with other food items to quickly make a full meal. Every household has a constant stock of pickles, olives, cheese, yoghurt, nuts, grain, herbs and spices.

Nearly every part of the raw product is utilized. In fact there is so little wastage that a small selection of raw food is sufficient to create a large variety of substantial dishes.

For example, five substantial meals for four people or an impressive spread for about ten people can be made with a large leg of mutton, ten tomatoes, ten zucchini, crushed wheat, rice, a few eggs, nuts, spices and herbs. To do this, the leg of mutton is boned and a broth made with the bones. The lean part of the meat is then minced and mixed with crushed wheat to make two varieties of kibbi, the national dish. The remainder of the meat is chopped and ground. Half of it is mixed with nuts and used as a filling for the tomatoes. The remaining meat, mixed with rice, is used to stuff scooped out zucchini...

The main meal in Lebanon is usually served in the evening, but on weekends and public holidays it may be eaten at midday. A man meal is always served when guests come to the house, whatever the time of day.

At the beginning of the main meal mezza (hors d'oeuvres) are served with drinks.

Mezza consists of a large variety of nuts, pickles, cheese, and other foods, displayed in small dishes from which it is picked up with the fingers.

Mezza is an important part of the Lebanese social life. It is a leisurely, relaxing period in which eating and drinking is accompanied by congenial conversation...

A light meal is generally a bowl of soup or a cooked vegetable or grain dish, with accompaniments such as cheese, olives, salad vegetables and yoghurt. Sandwiches made from Lebanese bread are also very popular.

Extracts and recipes taken from:
- Anahid Gourmet cookbook
- Dawn, Elaine and Selwa Anthony - Lebanese Cookbook - 1999
- Manoushé - Inside the Street Corner Lebanese Bakery
- Middle Eastern Cuisine, Sima Osman Yassine and Sadouf Kamal
- Mouneh - Preserving Foods for the Lebanese Pantry

- Rayess' Art of Lebanese Cooking
- Green Gold - The story of Lebanese Olive Oil
- Rural taste of Lebanon - Cuisine Libanaise du terroir
- You can do it!
- Simple Cooking Guide to Lebanese and Syrian Cuisine, Mary Elizabeth Sabieh
- Marlene Aleppo Cookbook

- Microwave Combination Cooker - Recipes

- Interesting DVD Film about the Lebanese Cuisine; can be ordered by clicking here

Click on one of the following links to get the recipe.

Spices and Herbs - Basic IngredientsMethods of CookingStory of Kebbeh

Abbas Cookies
All Bean Soup
Arabic Bread
Artichoke and Cheese
Artichokes Stuffed
Atayef Ashta
Baba Ghannouj
Baked Fish In Tahini Sauce
Beetroot, Tahinah Salad, Olive Oil
Bitter Orange cut into pieces

Bitter Orange preserve
Blend of Wild Flowers
Bouillabaisse Fish Soup
Bread Sweet Aish Al Saraya
Bur'ghul & Lentil Soup
Carob Cookies
Cauliflower Stew
Cheese Pie
Cheese Roll in Filo Pastry
Chicken With Chick Peas & Rice
Chickpeas with Crumbled Bread in Oil
Cinnamon Tea
Cream cheese, Labneh
Cucumber and Yogurt Salad
Curd Cheese Pie
Curdled milk
Desert mushrooms, Kama
Distilling Arak
Dough Balls Syrup
Dough for Bread
Eggplants and Tomatoes in Oil
Eggplant and Squash Stew
Eggplants and Yoghurt
Emayche Kishk Dish
Fava Bean Stew
Fava beans (Foul modammas)
Fava Beans Rice
Fattoush Peasant Salad
Fish Kibbi
Fresh Fava Beans, Lima Beans in Oil
Fried Lamb's Liver
Fried Squash / Cauliflower
Green Bean Stew
Green Thyme Salad
Gundelia Yoghurt
Hareessa or Hrisseh
Holiday Soup
Hoummous Bi Thini
Hommus with Meat (Other Variations)
Jam Tart
Jams and Fruits
Jew's Mallow in Chicken
Kafta On Skewers
Karabeej of Aleppo
Karkadeh Juice
Kibbi B'Zait
Kishic Soup
Kishk Pie
Knaafeh String pastry with cheese
Lahem Mishwi
Lamb Spinal Marrow
Lamb Tongue Salad
Lebanese Turkish Coffee
Lentil & Rice Pilaf
Lentil & Spinach Soup
Maamool B'Jowz
Meat Dumpling, Shishbarak
Meat Preserve Pie
Mixtures Pickles
Moughrabia, Lebanese Couscous
Okra in Oil
Oriental Omelette
Paper Thin Bread
Pickled olives
Potato Kibbeh
Potatoes with garlic and coriander
Pumpkin Kibbeh
Pumpkin Soup
Rice Pudding
Salep Sahlab
Semolina & Yoghourt Slices
Sesame Seed Bread
Spiced Fish
Spicy Raw Kibbeh
Spicy Rice For Fish
Spinach Soup
Spinach Turnovers
Strained Yogurt Pie
String beans in olive oil
Stuffed Cabbage Leaves
Stuffed Grape Leaves
Stuffed Zuchini In Tomato Sauce
Swiss chard with Black-eyed Beans
Tamarind Juice
Treacle of Carob Tree, Debs
Vegetable soup
Vegetarian Patties, Falafel
Walnut Chilli Dip
Wheat Sweet Sauce
White Bean Soup
White Sauce
Wild Thyme Pie
Zucchini & Egg Fritters



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