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Coffee and other stimulants - Turkish or Lebanese Coffee

Arabic coffee (Plain)


Clean Adani coffee, choosing the best kind, and roast it without letting its color turn black.

Grind coffee in a coffee mill. Boil water in a special coffee pot. After water boils put ground coffee in the boiling water for about 20 minutes. Have another pot ready into which pour the clear part of the coffee taking care to leave the grounds in the first pot. Set this last aside keeping it covered for another time.

Crush few cardamom seeds and add to the clear coffee in the second pot. Boil for two or three minutes.

When serving this coffee do not fill the cup more than a third full if you serve it without sugar. Even if you use sugar be sure to use it sparingly so that the taste of the coffee and cardamom will remain the predominant taste.

Note: When ready to make coffee another time, add boiling water and coffee to the grounds from the previous time. After having used it twice throw the predominant taste.

Turkish coffee


After cleaning, roasting and grinding coffee as in no. 453, boil water in a coffee pot. Measure the water for the number of cups you wish to make. When the water boils, put 1 1/3 tsp. of the ground coffee for each cup of water and a similar amount of sugar. Boil the coffee well but be careful not to let it boil over.

As it is ready to foam over, lift it from heat. Repeat this several times. When pouring this coffee, put a little first in the bottom of each cup then go back and fill the cups and serve.

Note: The amount of coffee and sugar may be decreased or increased according to taste.



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