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Maguy Farah Peers into Year 2012, Upheavals and Wars


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Maguy Farah Peers into Year 2012, Upheavals and Wars
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Horoscopes - Maguy Farah Peers into Year 2012, Upheavals and Wars
Order the book Maguy Farah Astrology and Horoscope for 2012

Maguy Farah, the well known astrologist and journalist, has once again published her book of horoscopes for the coming year 2012, eagerly awaited by her readers. This time the book will be more voluminous than usual and have greater detail, for a year which she says “will have repercussions for the coming twenty years.”

General Forecasts

The article with Maguy Farah’s horoscopes for the year 2011 was as usual published in Noun at the end of 2010 at the same time as her book for the coming year. The end of 2010 means just before the wave of upheavals and overthrowing of regimes which from January onward swept over the Arab region. The words she used in her introduction to her book for 2011 had a disconcerting ring of truth; she described this year as “fierce” and said that it would bring “exceptional and unusual circumstances which would provoke upheavals in several fields, economic, social, environmental, geographical and political.” She cited “movements of reaction and revolutions”, “surprise wars in the world”, “explosions, confrontations, acts of fanaticism, assassinations, terrorist operations, and deep crises”.

In particular, Maguy Farah predicted “the death of certain important personalities.” She also spoke of the departure of certain leaders and of “confrontation between judicial and political authorities”. The death of Libyan leader Muammar Kadhafi and the trial of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, to mention but these two, will inevitably come to mind.

Finally, the astrologist predicted natural catastrophes bound up with water about the month of March. It was on March 11th, 2011 that a tsunami ravaged one of the islands of Japan.

Likelihood of General War

So what do the stars foretell for 2012? Not much good news, unfortunately. During 2012, according to Maguy Farah, the great changes that began in 2008 and especially in 2010 will continue. The planet Uranus in the constellation of the Ram and Saturn in the Scales will confront each other. On February 3rd Neptune will move into the Fish, which is a guarantee of changes in convictions and principles. This entire configuration is an augur of many upheavals, a kind of continuation of what took place in the second half of 2011, which is not very promising. Exceptionally, Mars will stay in the Virgin until July, although it rarely passes more than a month in any one sign, and will be in opposition with Neptune. The result will be an upsurge of fundamentalism, of fanaticisms of every sort, with various groups looking for their identity. 2012 will also be a year with a high probability of natural catastrophes. The presence of such a great planet as Neptune in the sign indicating water is a portent of floods. The presence of Mars, Pluto and Jupiter in a sign indicating the earth is a portent of earthquakes.

Further, Uranus and Saturn will form a square between Capricorn and the Ram. According to Maguy Farah this means a great probability of disturbances, particularly in June and September, also uprisings, manifestations, financial scandals and bankruptcies, problems in countries long stable and risk of assassinations. The danger this year may even extend to the possibility of a general war covering several regions of the world.

On October 5th Saturn will move into the Scorpion and stay there, and in so doing come into opposition with Pluto and Uranus. This change will announce new political data, with solutions provided by the leaders of parties newly arrived on the scene. This will be the right moment for struggle against corruption and terrorism and conservation of the environment. A number of accords and agreement will be concluded and there will be clearings towards the end of the year, advances in the field of telecommunications and crucial medical discoveries.

As for the astrological signs, they will all pass through three phases which will have varying influence on destiny, namely from the opening of the year until June, from June until October 5th and from this date until the end of the year. The almanac for 2012 will as usual contain forecasts on a daily basis.
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