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Horoscope for 2015 by Maguy Farah - The Fire Ball Extends


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Horoscope for 2015 by Maguy Farah - The Fire Ball Extends
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The year 2015 will be marked by a series of astrological ascendants that started in 2008 with the entry of Pluto into the sign of Capricorn and with its opposition to the constellation of the Ram. This indicates more disturbances, coups d’états, and continuing wars, with political and economic crises and collapses.

This opposition will become more marked during the first months of the year and reach a climax in March. There is a risk that it will create further complications and extend the crises to countries so far stable, obliging them to strengthen their security measures to prevent the penetration of terrorism into their territory.

Between February and April there will be assassinations and coups d’états, with the collapse of certain regimes.

Starting in August, Jupiter will be coming into opposition with Neptune, threatening the world with epidemics and outbreaks of virus whose spread will cause great panic. There will be natural catastrophes, armed conflicts, and sharp drops on the Stock Exchanges. Autumn will be explosive, particularly in October and November. The United States and China seem to be threatened with weakness and regression. The other countries influenced by this square are France, Austria, Germany, Britain, Belgium and certain Arab states.

But the good news on a personal level is that most signs will enter a phase better than that of previous years. This will be due to the harmony between Saturn and Jupiter during the first seven months of the year.

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Personal Predictions

The Ram

You will enjoy a favorable and promising year that will restore your optimism after some years of trouble and crises. Your situation will be strengthened and your previous worries concerning health, profession or family will be things of the past even though you might at times come under the influence of the Pluto- Uranus square.

You will be happy in your love affairs and have a number of beautiful surprises.

The Bull

You may breathe a sigh of relief, dear Bull, for Saturn will no longer oppose you, leaving you a free field to express yourself in. Your vitality will be boosted as summer approaches.
Concerning affairs of the heart, you will overcome a certain problem and your worry will fade away. This will allow you to take a new direction towards more stable relationships, the best period being that of summer or autumn.

The Twins

You are on the verge of an upheaval in your life, due to the astrological ascendants having a direct influence on you. During the early days of spring, you will find yourself faced with unexpected choices.
As for your sentimental life, this will be a decisive year regarding your family.

The Crab

This year will be much better for you than the previous one; it could mark a turning-point n your life, one which urges you on to action, work and initiative. There will be two distinguishable periods.
As for your sentimental life, the atmosphere will apparently be calm until July.

The Lion

This will be an exceptional year which you will not easily forget, a period full of hopes, dreams and opportunities concerning your family, sentimental and also material affairs.

The Virgin

This will be a year of great effort and of various experiences, but one that during the summer will give you great opportunity, since Jupiter will enter your constellation of the zodiac, on August 11th to be exact, to bring you some agreeable surprises.

The Scales

You will come out into the light of day and reach out to new horizons. The stars promise you professional achievements, whether professional, political, artistic or personal. It will be a decisive year allowing you to work on a solid basis.

The Scorpion

The most important event will be Saturn moving out of your constellation. This will put an end to a long astrological cycle of problems and disappointments, and your confidence in life will be restored.


This will be an exceptional year likely to modify the course of your life, for you will be reaching the end of one astrological cycle and the start of another having great influence for you. Saturn will be entering your constellation to make you live new experiences. You may however have some troubling moments. Up till autumn, you may expect a great wave of popularity.


This will be a year of liberation and relaxation that will carry you to situations much better than those you have known over the last few years. These will allow you to deal withy many matters or to go on a voyage that will open to you new horizons.

The Water Carrier

There will be very strong astral influences this year that enable you to get rid of the pressures that Saturn has brought to bear on you and that have been upsetting you for more than two years.
In sentimental matters, you might show a tendency to duality in your relationships or suffer because of an illness or depression affecting your partner and obliging you to care for him or her.

The Fish

This will be a year of great challenges and of hard work that demand of you prudence, wisdom and an ability to overcome certain difficulties which will appear more serious with the coming of summer. You will have to make important decisions to take a new direction. The summer and early autumn will favor rejoicings and happy events or a meeting with the love that you dream of.

For further more detailed information, buy the book from the following address:
Order the book Maguy Farah Astrology and Horoscope for 2015

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