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The Prison of Khiam

When the birds of the air were created, then was liberty created together with adoration, created and programmed into evolution. But it was about the year 30 after the birth of Our Lord that liberty truly began to flower.

Yes, you are all equal, men and women, rich and poor, the healthy and the sick, taught Christ. However, it was not until the 18th century and the French Revolution that the Rights of Man were formally proclaimed and Man’s liberty affirmed, liberty to think, to love and to act and so to make our civilisation.

But it needed only the briefest space of time in the 20th century for the barbaric spirit of evil, of crime, of hatred, to make the tranquil village of Khiam in South Lebanon, nestling among the olive trees, the vines and the fig trees tended by its solid, hard-working peasants, into a prison camp worthy of the Nazis and evilly reputed for the tortures and suffering inflicted on its inmates. There the occupying forces imprisoned and tormented their fellow humans come from the same stock of Abraham.

- The Israeli Air Force destroyed the prison during the 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict.

- The Prison of Khiam: >> View Movie << (2001-06-01)
- The Prison of Khiam: >> View Movie << (2011-06-01)



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