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Wazzani Citadel

In South Lebanon facing the frontier with Israel there is a village attractive for tourists which constitutes an unrivaled giant complex. “Welcome to Wazzani Citadel” may be read everywhere on the signboards. There is a very large tourist centre newly put up, extending more than twenty acres, and overlooking the very river that separates South Lebanon from the Israeli occupier.

The blue line drawn by the United Nations divides the waters of the river into two. The Lebanese lovers of peace who believe in a serene existence defy the Israelis. They promote a sporting, social and cultural tourist project open to all nations that proves that Lebanon is a land of hospitality and progress.

The Abdallahs, proprietors of the worksite, affirm their right to exploit their property to the last inch. Their project may seem almost Utopian but is worthy of admiration. Only a few paces beyond the Citadel the Israeli armored vehicles and forces are stationed. The Abdallahs, extremely rich after making their fortune in Africa, have invested some five million dollars in this project, not counting the price of the land and the cost of the studies!

A fine entrance to the complex already stands. We are greeted by two large mills in volcanic stone, while a wall of Byzantine style has been erected that leads one to a view of a series of rooms like a Moroccan village.

This is really a bold project, an investment urging resistance and attachment to the motherland. This month several rooms will be opened alongside the river together with restaurants and swimming pools.

Later there will be sixty chalets facing the river and nine villas, which however demand two more years of work. There will be riding stables, Internet rooms, a supermarket, a sanatorium, a health club, tennis courts and restaurants.

All is being done with total consideration for the environment, with plantations of trees and flowers, and all using solar energy. The only inhabitants who do not respect the blue line are the ducks and the fish which abound in the river. The owner admits that he is putting into effect a very old dream of his father, saying, “I wish to end my days in this idyllic spot. I write history after my own manner, our history written into the every stone, tree and ancient relic. We also work on the infrastructure, roads, electricity, telephone, irrigation, medical facility, conference room, and so on.

“This is a project carried out in a way reflecting the love in our soul. To pass from the dream to the reality this first step was necessary. Soon we shall be receiving visitors from far and near. The Israeli enemy over there does not frighten us despite its control over the river. All the press, international, Arab and local, has spoken about this project. A small island, an islet, has been made in the river that can receive more than six hundred people.

“A Noah’s Ark will be put up that will be able to hold eight hundred. The project has taken the name of the river, Wazzani. Better days will come her and the lovers of Nature will make it their haven.”

Joseph Matar
Translation from the French: Kenneth J. Mortimer

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