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Aquamarine - The Ocean Water

Here is a coast of great-varied beauty. Headlands, bays, inlets, vertical cliffs falling straight into the sea, marine grottoes, sandy beaches which in places are strewn with rocks, clumps of palm trees and pines, together give an enchanting view with a great variety of scenery.

This is the eastern coast of the Mediterranean, where in some places invading armies had to go round high cliffs in order to advance and which is indented by charming little natural harbors. Tabarja lies in the Kesrawan subdivision of Mount Lebanon in the form of a shallow little bay of quite unrivaled natural fairyland beauty. I have been there a dozen times in order to execute scores of sketches and paintings of this place of paradise. It was here that Saint Paul embarked for the conquest of Europe and the evangelization of the Old World. To the north lies Greece and to the south lie Palestine, Jordan, Egypt and the great stretches of Africa.

The name Tabarja comes from Greek, meaning a central point or regional capital. Another possible origin is the Semitic Tur Burga with the meaning of a tower of control. This is a bay full of history, having been the scene of many great happenings. It is also a small fishing harbor, from where little boats go out along the coast to throw their nets. Particularly sought-after is a rare kind of small rose-colored bream, a fish abundant along this part of the coast and known locally as Sultan Ibrahim.

Following the shattering building explosion, the building of tourist premises, the ribbon-building, and the megalomania, the shoreline has changed much in character, and much of its original charm and beauty has unfortunately been lost. One major center distinguished by harmony with its surroundings has appeared at Tabarja, the Aquamarina. This Spanish name, meaning Marine Water, has gone round the world. The modern and very practical and attractive tourist complex here is the work of a building company specializing in tourist construction, starting in 1975 with Aqua 1, followed by Aqua 2 in 1980.

In 1994 a port was established by official decree. A “Greek” village was built and other projects such as restaurants saw the light of day, with areas for dancing, sports, tennis, theater and ceremonies, interspersed with beds of exotic plants.

The administration of Aquamarina is in the capable hands of the Board President Clovis Maalouf and of the innovative architect Joseph Karam and has gained several awards for its tourist complex, second prize in Spain and in Italy.

There are many competitions and suchlike activities along the coast, with exchanges and much mutual aid among the enterprises, all aimed at improving promotion of their tourism.

Joseph Matar
Translation from the French: K.J. Mortimer

- Aquamarina 1: >> View Movie << (2017-10-10)
- Aquamarina 2: >> View Movie << (2017-10-10)



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