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Casino du Liban - Casino of Lebanon

An idyllic hillside overlooks a bay of fairy beauty, an Eden where the shepherds of Arcadia might well have played on their flutes the most entrancing melodies.

A deep nostalgia draws me to this place where as children we used to run and play and explore the unspoiled wilderness. I felt I could no longer breathe, suffocated by emotion, when during the years of the nineteen-fifties I saw the roaring bulldozers plunge their broad blades deep into the flank of the rising slope. Town planning and development, progress, the changing times, all made their demands.

Here it was that the Casino of Lebanon, commonly known by its French name Casino du Liban, an immense building dominating the scenery, a palace with polyvalent halls for congresses and receptions
, was to rise up. It was to be served by a highway running between the Lebanese capital Beirut and Tripoli, the great city of the north of the country, and the whole environment was to be changed with the green countryside, nature and cultivated fields giving way to tar, concrete and noise!

Everybody was talking about the wonderful edifice that was soon to mark the landscape, with its lights at night reflected in the dark waters of the bay spread out at its feet. Such was to be Le Casino du Liban, twelve miles from Beirut and just to the north of the town of Jounieh in Maameltein, after which the bay is named.

Here were to be held celebrations of national and international importance: the election of Miss Lebanon and even of Miss Europe, spectacles, operas, plays, film projections, concerts, ballets, festivals, parades, fashion shows, seminars, and congresses.

The Casino is an eminent attraction for gamblers, with many halls for roulette, slot machines, and card tables, served by spacious and greatly varied restaurants with both Lebanese and European cuisine. There are other halls adapted for weddings and suchlike joyous occasions, dancehalls, and nightclubs, with the added beauty of the terraces giving wide views over gardens and the bay. The surfaces exceed 35,000 square meters, some twelve thousand square feet, not counting the parking lots.

The Casino is in a state of continued renovation, redecoration and repair. Staff members numbered in their hundreds are employed night and day in the many supporting services. The Casino is a tourist center for drawing thousands, from the poorest to the very wealthiest, though each in their place. The restaurants are for everybody, as are the spectacles. As for those multi-millionaires who wish to gamble away their fortunes, they can have rooms reserved for them, rooms having their particular names, the Ambassadorsí Hall among others.

Joseph Matar - Translation from the French: Kenneth Mortimer

- Casino du Liban - Interior view: >> View Movie << (2014-01-15)
- Casino du Liban - Exterior view: >> View Movie << (2014-02-01)



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