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Fnaydek Forest

On the way from Beirut to the extreme North, at 124km from the capital, arriving in Akkar and climbing to an altitude of some 1,200 or 1,400m, and just before reaching the historic forest of Kammoua’a, one comes upon the village of Fnaydek.

The name comes from a Greek word meaning an inn or khan, translated into Arabic first as fundoc, hotel, and then as fneidek, a little hotel. The high mountains of Kammoua’a surround the place with a variety of closely clustered trees, in particular the azer. The village itself is typically local and picturesque, with an old water-driven mill, venerable dwellings, the remains of tombs and a room hewn out of the rock.

There is also the citadel of Akouba, with inscriptions from the time of Nabuchodonosor, king of Babylon (625-605 B.C.), founder of the Babylonian dynasty that destroyed the empire of the Assyrians.

There are a number of sites of natural beauty:

The Spring of the Girls, Ain el-Benat
The typical dense forest of al-Azer (virgin)
The Spring of Houat Cliff
The Spring of Fneidek
The Spring of el-Sadd Dam

A plain with every kind of fruit and vegetable
Wells, cedar trees and woodland groves
Mount Tranta with its many historic caves
Mount Qorneh, the Corner

As for tourist, social, cultural, and sporting activities, despite the distance from the capital these are remarkably well organized. There are inns, traditional workshops making ploughshares, a blacksmith’s and a sports club to keep the young people of the village healthily occupied.

In Fneydek one can still find elderly people who speak Ottoman Turkish, for the Ottoman occupation forces wished to Islamize the land by installing Turkish colonists in this region where there were Christians and Muslims living in perfect harmony.

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Joseph Matar

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