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Diman, Maronite Patriarchate

The word Diman (Dimane) is Syriac in origin and means a statue or effigy. Diman is a village in the caza (sub-prefecture) of Bsharri, following down after Hasroun, Hadeth and Jebbeh. At 100km from Beirut and 34 from Tripoli, it stands at a height of 1400 meters on the heights overlooking the holy valley of Kadisha, a picturesque spot unique in this breath-taking North Lebanon.

Since 1822 Diman has been a most important religious center. It was here that the summer residence of the Maronite Patriarchate was established, after being moved from Qannoubine in the Holy Valley below. There may still be seen the historic remains of the old edifice of the present-day patriarchate.

Ad Diman there is also to be found an ancient temple, cellars for sarcophagi, and an old water mill. One may visit the church of St. John and old houses perched on the cliff and overhanging from the top of the mountain. There is also a church dedicated to St. Stephen, the first Christian martyr.

The Patriarchate itself is the most important building. Large numbers of the faithful, among them leading personalities, visit there every day, with their various problems and business matters to discuss with His Beatitude the Maronite Patriarch, or go to the church to pray and to fulfill vows.

The building is composed of a basement and of a ground floor where stands the church in which one may admire the work of the artist Saliba Doueihy and wall paintings covering different subjects, especially one of Saint Marina and another along the upper border representing the Qannoubine valley and the Cedars. On the first floor there is the Patriarch’s Wing and rooms and annexes for the personnel of the community. A bell tower and red tiles cover the monastery terrace.

In the surrounding neighborhood there are many caves and impressive rocks, with the grotto of Jamajem, the oldest extent oak forest, the garden of the Patriarchate, a cedar coppice, and a picturesque pathway leading down to the Qannoubine valley. Several springs have been put in order and restaurants built for the convenience of visitors. The village is indistinguishable from the Patriarchate.

Joseph Mattar - Translation from the French: K.J. Mortimer

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