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Panoramic Views > North > El Koura > Amioun Olive Trees

Amioun - Al-Karma and Olive Groves

Al-Karma is a region bordering Mount Lebanon on the north, just after Batroun. Sure enough, as soon as the name Koura comes up, one immediately thinks of olives, of oil and of olive trees as though the name were a synonym for the olive and everything connected.

Koura is a district which stretches along the coast from Batroun to Tripoli and covers a plateau reaching 400m in height. The climate is ideal for the cultivation of olives, as is the soil. The olive tree, so typically Mediterranean, is generous, strong and above all graceful with a trunk and branches on no two trees alike. They are giant arms upholding the vault of heaven, the arms of an anchorite calling on God, the arms of virgins, swaying like dancing ballerinas, with all writing to be read. Here is the alphabet, the very first, the Phoenician, from which the Greek, Syriac and Latin letters were derived.

The olive tree is a mother who nurtures her fruit, rich in its flesh and its juice, the oil used in sanctuaries, in homes, in workshops. Who has not known the oil of the olive, in soaps and in creams and in balms of which it forms the base?

I have tasted olives and their oil everywhere around the Mediterranean, and found that the produce of Lebanon is the tastiest, the richest, the smoothest, this product of Lebanon favored by a climate like no other, gift of God to the world. The olive tree is a subject treated by every artist, painter and poet, with its leaves and branches symbolizing peace. It is a tree held sacred since remotest antiquity, above all by the Greeks, for whom cutting down such a tree was an offense to be punished.

Joseph Matar - Translated from the French by Kenneth Mortimer

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