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Prime Minister Rasheed Karameh International Exhibition, Tripoli

Tripoli is an historic and ancient city on the northern coast of Lebanon, which is extensive and continues to stretch further along the coast in the northern, southern and western directions. It has abundant remains of past civilization and is surrounded by orchards of fruit trees and groves of olive and orange trees whose produce supplies local industry. There is also agriculture of a more general nature.
In the second half of the twentieth century the idea took root of setting up an international exposition center in which Arab, European and Asian countries would participate. In an area of about one third of a square mile societies, organizations and industries would be able to promote their business and engage in mutual contacts and exchanges. Preparation of plans and studies was confided to Oscar Niemeyer, a highly reputed creative artist and architect. A ministerial decree was published in May 1960 creating a mixed company for the promotion of the produce and riches of Lebanon and of the Arab countries.

Between the years 1961 and 1975 all the grounds and sites surrounding the future Exposition Center were expropriated to allow the construction of the required buildings such as show-rooms, hotels, restaurants, theaters and so on. The name of the project was changed to Permanent Lebanese and International Exposition of Tripoli.

Work was held up during the tragic events occurring between 1975 and 1990 but was then resumed. On August 16th a decree was published giving the Fair its present name, The President Rasheed Karameh International Exposition.

All sectors of activity set to work, including trade, industry, culture, art, and tourism, in order to hold congresses and to receive international delegations, with the intention of strengthening relations and promoting exports, imports and exchanges at every level.

The President Rasheed Karameh Exposition is a pilot project in the Middle East and planning and careful studies have been pushed to the extreme, so that now there is a permanent site marked by innovation, evolution, high performance, additions, new inaugurations, modernization and reform, with activity evident everywhere. There is no slacking, with new ideas always coming to the fore and new data keeping the project up to date. Here are examples of concepts that have been in mind or that have been actually realized:

- A unique utterly modern open-air theater floating on a bridge over the water, with seating for 1,200 and with the most effective techniques.
- An experimental circular theater with seating for 1,500.
- A show room with an inside floor space of 20,000 square meters and outside ground of 40,000 square meters (rather over 200,000 and 400,000 square feet). There will be parking for three thousand vehicles allowing maximum participation for the organizations interested, whether states or companies.
- Halls where several festive productions may be held.
- A congress hall with 2,500 seats.
- A Lebanese Pavilion with arcades and boats capable of passing under a bridge.
- A hotel with 104 rooms and eight ultra-modern pavilions.
- Various restaurants with “mezza” and regional and international dishes, run by the worlds leading companies including Suisse Hôtel. Restaurants and terraces will give view over the sea and over the Exposition grounds.
- A hall for weddings, congresses and various festivities.
- Sports centers equipped with the most modern material and sauna, Jacuzzi, Turkish baths, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, and playgrounds for children.
- Management and administrative offices.
- Numerous elevators, bridges, and staircases to facilitate work and communications between the stories.

It goes with out saying that the infrastructure is the most sophisticated possible concerning power supply, mechanical appliances, electronic communication, sanitation, water, air conditioning, and various services.

Other areas are being planned, such as

- A three-dimensional theater.
- A play center for children.
- A fie-star restaurant and hotels ranging from one to five stars and providing 1,600 beds.
- Monthly expositions and suchlike activities.
- A center for marine games and sports with four basins.
- More than three hundred chalets with the Fiji isles, Japan, etc., as their theme.
- A pedestrian street for shopping.
- Wider car-parks accommodating more than 8,000 vehicles.
- A circular railway running around the whole project.
- A Palace of Congresses.

Annual budgets exceeding many millions of dollars will be provided for the guarantors.

The whole project, parts of which have already been realized, has been conceived on a grandiose scale. There have been delays because certain parts of the Rasheed Karameh Exposition need restoration after having been damaged during the previously mentioned fighting and after having suffered lack of maintenance over a considerable period. Now in the year 2017 the Lebanese Government has taken the whole question of the Exposition very seriously, is pursuing it vigorously, and has just consecrated for it an adequate budget.

Joseph Matar
Translation from the French: Kenneth Mortimer

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