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Ski Leb: Choose the funnest from the funnest! has not forgotten about you this summer, regardless of the absence of snow and ski, it brings you activities and experiences to complement Lebanon's great summery weather, and keep that smile on your face all season long!

Paragliding Experience:
Join the birds and spread your parachute over the gorgeous Jounieh bay, let your adrenaline rush to get your endorphins running! Prices starting $125 per person including equipment, and an instructor for an escort. Duration: 2 hours.

Boat trip:
Sail away and let the Mediterranean embrace you with its calm waters while you tan and enjoy a day with good company. Price: $125 a person including boat rental and fuel. Duration: 6 hours.

Water Skiing:
Who says we wait for water to solidify to ski? Face the waves now on Jounieh bay, and let the Poseidon reign strike again! After one hour of water skiing, you will have free access to the resort's pools and facilities. Price is $110 per person worth this thrilling day!

Hot Air Ballooning:
How original are you? People fly in planes, and there you are floating in the sky with a balloon overlooking Lebanon's gorgeous view and its prestigious Mzaar Ski Resort. You and two of your loved ones can enjoy a balloon's trip for $550. Duration: Half day.

A Full Day Private Tour to Jeita Grotto, Harissa, and Byblos:
Be a Jeita cave explorer, visit the Our Lady of Lebanon in Harissa overlooking a stunning view of Jounieh bay, and then visit and take a stroll in the historic city of Byblos reliving many ancient moments in history. Price starting $95 a person for a full day of eclectic fun.

A Full day Private Tour to Baalbeck and Ksara Winery:
Visit the ancient Roman-built city of the sun and be amazed by its grotesque stunning nature, and then let the Ksara winery storage caves and vine fields bedazzle you with the scent of different kinds of grapes merged together to form a taste of passion, a taste of love, a taste you'll love. Price starting $84 a person including transport, guide, entrance fees, and lunch. Duration: full day

Hiking in the Holy Valley of Qannoubine:
Spend a full day hiking back in time in the sacred valley of Qannoubine for $65 a person, including transport to and from the hotel, guide, and a lunchbox with mouthwatering food.

Mountain Safari:
Experience a mountainous safari outside of Africa! Cruise around 2000m above sea level, visit the Roman ancient city of Faqra and enjoy many more surprises along the way for $90 a person including transfers to and from the hotel, safari ride, sightseeing and a great barbecue lunch!from the hotel, sightseeing, safari ride, and barbecue lunch. Duration: Half day.

Rafting in Al Assi River:
Raft on Al Assi river's white waters and enjoy the ride with professional instructors for $55 a person including equipment, the ride, and lunch. Duration: Full day

To book with and join in the fun:
Call +961-70-103222
Or book online: (recommended)

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