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Getting to Lebanon, Travel to Beirut, Airport, Hotels…


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Getting to Lebanon, Travel to Beirut, Airport, Hotels…
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Various considerations in arranging travel to Lebanon?


Beirut has a new airport, which was opened in 2000. It replaces the old one, which had survived attacks and occupation during the war. The new buildings and runway are modern and offer excellent facilities for travelers.

The need for a new terminal was first recognized in the 1960s and construction started and stopped on several occasions during lulls in the war. Remnants of the contractors' efforts could be seen until work on the new facility was started, and creates with new air-bridge equipment lay on the tarmac rusting away for decades. Runways and taxiways were pockmarked by tank tracks and repaired shell holes.

The old airport, although crowded and damaged during the conflict, remained efficient in transferring a traveler from plane to taxi - usually in about 15 minutes. Despite the ancient tractors and luggage-conveying equipment including one old luggage carousel, airport staffs were as efficient as anywhere in the world. They still are.

The new terminal offers the best service and facilities in the region.

Travel to Beirut

Most international flights to Lebanon arrive to Beirut. There are frequent flights operated by most European and Middle Eastern carriers. Middle East Airlines, the flag carrier of Lebanon, is a reasonable airline which offers a good alternative to many of the European airlines and is keen to offer a good service.

There are few alternatives for travel to Lebanon. There are now no passenger railways in the country. The old arrow gauge railway to Damascus across the mountains ceased operation many years ago, and the coastal railway to the north and Tripoli stopped operations in the 1990s. For the enthusiast, remnants of both these systems can be seen at various locations. Plans for a rail-link north and south are a long way off.

There is a limited ferry service to Cyprus from Jounieh. This sea crossing was, during particularly difficult times of the war, the only way of entering the country and was used by the Lebanese.

The road from Damascus to Beirut, across the mountains and through the Bekaa Valley, is an easy route between Lebanon and Syria. Special Taxis are available from Beirut, but these can only take passengers to the taxi terminal and not to hotels in Damascus or anywhere else. Remember that a visa for Syria must be obtained before arrival in Lebanon.


Hotels should be booked before departure, especially if a particular hotel or location is essential. Despite many misconceptions about Lebanon, its hotels can get very full at times for no obvious reason. All hotels, large or small, offer excellent service and accommodation.

Many hotels will offer (for a fee) to meet the traveler at the airport and transport them to their hotel. This service is a comfort to any traveler, especially those new to Lebanon.

Hotels in Lebanon


Lebanon now has a reasonably stable exchange rate. The local currency, the Lebanese pound, is not readily available offshore. Travelers should take US dollars, which are still widely accepted throughout the country - during difficult times and fluctuating foreign exchange rates, countries seem to fall back on the dollar.

Credit cards are acceptable everywhere and ATMs can be found at most banks - of which there are many.

Personal cheques are accepted in certain exchange outlets e.g. American Express, although suitable identification will be required.


There are now good health services in Lebanon, and BUPA - registered hospitals. Generally hygiene is good and few problems should be encountered with food and drinking water.

Doctors and health clinics will advise on inoculations that may be required before arriving and local GPs or even airlines offer medical services and advice to travelers.
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Lebanon is one of most beautiful place to visit. There are many historical places, in fact whole region is known due to historical places. Here you can get detail information about how to plan your travel to Lebanon. You can also get accommodation package from the offer of different hotel‘s management in respect to make your travel budget friendly. It is always very difficult to manage the accommodation at spot.
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