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33 North: Discover destinations out of the beaten trails

33 North is an experiential tourism tour operator. It reflects Lebanon geographic coordinates and carries out tours in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Morocco. The 14 year field experience, the travel along rural areas, mountains, deserts and knowing their communities forged a solid experience and a weighty relationship between us and the host communities.

At 33 North, we believe that tourism is an important vector toward developing the communities, and supporting the heritage preservation while expanding the economic opportunities.

We will lead you to discover destinations out of the beaten trails. From the highest summits and peaks to the underground world. We will give you an exceptional opportunity to be acquainted with the local traditions, experience different cultures, and to stay in various lodging facilities (mountain lodges, Bedouin tents, mud houses, and semi-desert mud houses). You will be able to be in touch with the local populations in the context of solidarity tourism, to make a change, leave a positive impact on the visited communities and to participate in the preservation of the environment and its communities as well. Go for adventure: hike, trek, bike, raft, ski, snowshoe, and scuba dive. Explore caves and climb in a responsible and solidarity attitude toward the local communities and their environment.

33 North is pleased to offer you year-round backpacking and adventure trips. It provides company incentives, team building exercises, local communities’ interactions and gastronomy tours etc. So, come and join us for a truly remarkable and memorable adventure.

- Enjoy 6 full days in Lebanon with the Rural aspect of Lebanon
- Travel to Lebanon and Syria under the theme Culture and Nature
- A la découverte du patrimoine naturel et culturel Libanais
- Escapade to the land of nature and serenity, 3 days in Lazzab Lodge, Al Kwakh
- Caving and Diving Activities. Extreme Sport in Lebanon
- Join the Journey - Mount Hermon Trek (2814 m) The sacred mountain
- Discover Tannourine and a trekking to Oyoun Orghosh - Wadi Johanam - Akkar

Contact 33 North

Mob: 00 961 3 454 996 | Thuraya: 00 88 21 66 55 00 300
Perpétuel Secours Street, Michel Achkar building, 3rd floor, Furn el Chebbak - Beyrouth, Lebanon |

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